Wednesday, February 21, 2007

22w5d- Nursery time!

I went shopping last week and FINALLY found a crib set I like. I don't have a pic of it, sorry... I did a search for the set online, but it must be a discontinued set because I can't find it anywhere. It's made by Kidsline, and I got it at Sears... I checked both websites for a pic, but no luck :-(

Anyway, the set is called "Heavenly Hearts" and is a quilt-type pattern. On the comforter and bumper, one square is pink and white gingham, another is little tiny rosebuds, another is purple and white gingham, and another has a cute little heart with flowers on it. (If that gives you SOME idea of what it looks like!) The mobile has little white and pink teddy bears holding either a pink or purple heart. It's adorable. I can't wait to get everything set up!

Since I finally have the crib set, I set out to look for paint and wall border to match it. I found THE cutest border at Lowe's, made by Disney. It's edged in pink, with purple bows that look like a big bow swag all around the room. I did my painting last night, and put the wall border up this morning. Here are pics of the nursery in progress :-)

This one has my boxers Cody and Lucy in it... they barely left my side during all this decorating, and ended up with pink paint on their fur as a result :-)

In other baby-related news... little Aly has been kicking like crazy, more each day it seems! She's not usually that active during the morning, but today she must be practicing for her black belt in karate! Maybe she's just excited that mommy finally started on her bedroom. Yeah, that must be it. Hehe...

Well, that's all for now.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

21w5d: I FELT IT!

This morning was kind of a pregnancy milestone, you could say!

Around 4am (yeah, another night of insomnia), I was laying back in the recliner watching tv, when I felt little Alyson kicking me to the right of my belly button. Every few seconds, there was another kick. I put my hands on my belly, figuring I still wouldn't be able to feel the kick from the outside, when I felt a big WHOMP against the palm of my hand. I swear, I was grinning from ear to ear. It was THE neatest feeling to be able to feel those kicks with my hands. She kept on kicking and when I took my hands off my belly and just kept an eye on that very spot, I actually saw my belly move too!!!! Amazing.

She really hasn't been kicking much during the day today, but that seems to be the usual. Just another reason I believe she's a night owl like mommy... she must have all her energy late at night and veeeeeery early into the morning. Seems she's on her mommy's sleep cycle too!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I just got home from work. I'm bloated.... my legs are swollen.... and my pants DEFINITELY don't fit me anymore. I didn't make it to the uniform store yet to get new scrubs for work, so I've been getting by these past 3 nights by keeping my pants right below my belly.As a result of that, my pants sag all down and I've been walking on them for 3 nights. Not fun.

Man, I could really use a foot massage right now...


Baby Alyson has been kicking like CRAZY these past few nights. I've been reading on websites that the baby can respond to his/her mom's voice by this point in time. Well, at work we tape report on our patients for the following shift, and when I was taping my report, Aly was just kicking and kicking and kicking away while I was talking. (Kinda like right now... she must like the Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats cereal I just ate. hehe...)

Not much else to talk about... just wanted to post real quick. Hopefully I make it to the uniform place soon. I was hoping to go today, but it's snowing like crazy here. We're supposed to get up to 9 inches by tomorrow morning. There goes the whole idea of going baby crib/bedding shopping too. For a few days, anyway.

Well, baby and I are off to take a little nap. I'll update again soon :-)

Friday, February 09, 2007

21 weeks

Hello :-) Wow, I didn't realize a whole week went by without a new post.

Here's a recap of the week... last Sunday my husband and I went shopping and bought our baby furniture! We found the set up around Youngstown, and were esctatic to find that a local furniture place had it too! We ended up getting the bedroom furniture locally... it's sooooo cute and girly. It's actually 'kid' furniture... we figured we'd get something that the baby can grow up with. It's white with pine accents... the set is called "Blossoms." At the top of each piece are small pink painted flowers and ribbons. Here's a picture:

We ended up buying the full bed instead of a twin, the dresser/mirror combo (which we'll use as the changing table), the 4 drawer chest, and the nightstand. I can't wait to see it all in the baby's room!

We plan on going to Burlington Coat Factory soon and picking out the crib. We saw a few there that we like, so we have some ideas so far :-) We also think we found bedding we like. We're about 90% sure it's what we'll use. It's called Dream Teddy, and the colors are sage green and ivory. Part of me wants pink though, so we'll see. Here's a pic of the bedding...

As for me, I can't believe I'm already 21 weeks!! Today I did a lot of house cleaning, and now I'm feeling it. I've been having dull cramping all day, which aches down my right thigh. It's that dull aching I had when I first found out I was pregnant... kinda like the "aunt flo is coming soon" cramps. It's nothing that concerns me too much... just feels like everything's stretching. My belly's definitely popped out more! I've been feeling the baby move like crazy too, more and more over the past week. She's given me a few good whomps in the belly too! I still can't feel it from the outside though... still waiting for that.

Other than that, nothing else going on pregnancy-wise. Just wanted to give a little update. Night!

Friday, February 02, 2007

20 weeks- HALF COOKED!

Well, today is the HALF WAY POINT! I am officially halfway through my pregnancy!!!

As of now, I feel great. I've been feeling the baby kick a little more, mostly late at night into the morning. I've worked the past three nights, and lastnight I didn't really feel the baby during the day....but come midnight, she was moving around every so often until about 2am. I just still can't wait until my husband can feel the kicks too. The other night I was laying on the couch and said, "Oooh... she's kicking me" and I felt bad because my husband goes, "Can I feel??" and I said, "No, honey.. I can't feel anything from the outside yet, I've tried." So we're still waiting.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to get to the uniform store-- QUICK! I'm getting too big for my britches. I went to put on my work scrubs Tuesday night and the waistband is getting pretty tight against me. Luckily once I sat down for awhile they stretched out a bit... I was worried there for a little while, and thought I'd have to get some surgical scrubs from the hospital so my butt could fit in them!! haha So that's on the priority list this weekend--- new scrub pants!

Speaking of my growing belly... BOY, IS IT!! When I lay on my back, you can REALLY tell.. my belly's this little oval hump. It's so amazing to see the changes taking place with me. Some good, some not so good though! The other day I was looking in the mirror and I noticed a few tiny pink marks on the left underside of my belly, and I'm reeeeeeeally hoping it's not the beginning of a stretch mark. I know that if I'm gonna get them, I'm gonna get them, but you can bet the first thing I did this morning was go out and buy some Palmer's Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream!! I'll be slathering THAT on from now on, you betcha! Thankfully though, no other signs of stretch marks for now. My mom didn't get any, so I'm hoping I inherited THAT from her!

That's all for the new signs/symptoms of the week.... :-) I still have a voracious appetite, and get cravings here and there. I went to the grocery store this morning and while shopping (after work and HUNGRY, no less), I had cravings for all sorts of things. Things I never looked twice at before, I'm now thinking, "Hmmmm.... that sounds pretty good now!" This mornings cravings consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich (which I plan to make shortly), and ICE CREAM. That's my one guilty pleasure lately. I've been trying to eat healthy (lots of fruit and veggies as snacks) but the ice cream aisle was calling my name this morning, so I had to give in and buy some! :-)

Alright, off to do some (MORE) cleaning. I'm off for about 4 days, and it's snowing like crazy right now, so I figure I'll take advantage of the weather and stay in with my friends Pledge, Windex and Lysol. (Sounds like FUN, I know!)