Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning... everything sounds like it's going great. Aly's heartbeat was nice and strong, and I'm measuring at 33 weeks! I jokingly asked the nurse, "So maybe I'll go a week early, huh?!" She said that's not always the case, though. It's still a nice thought!

I've gained 3 pounds since my last appointment. Doc told me I need to watch my carbohydrates.

(sniffle sniffle) But.... but... I love carbs! As I've said before, my major craving is cereal. And of course I eat more than the serving size specified on the side of the box. Carb city, I know. Oh, and bread. I've had such a thing for either bread and butter or grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm just gonna have to cut back... which sucks. I have, IDEALLY, 2 more pounds I can gain before the baby's born... 4 at the most. This is gonna be rough... lol. I go back in 2 weeks, so we'll find out then if I've done a good job.

But anyway.... enough talk about that or I'm gonna get sad. :-P

I called the place where I'm having my baby shower (oops, almost wrote BRIDAL!) and gave them an approximate total of guests that are coming. He told me that I can even call him as late as the middle of next week if things change, so that's cool :-)

It's so hard to believe my shower is next weekend already! It's on May 5th. I talked with my mom today and we're going to go to a party supply shop tomorrow and get stuff for the shower... I still need more thank-you cards (we're gonna have guests address their envelopes at the shower and use that as a way to hand out prizes), and we want to buy pink and purple balloons, baby confetti, and some baby shower banners if they have them. We already have baby block centerpieces for the tables, and foil balloons in baby shapes. :-) The owner of the restaurant where I'm having the shower told me if I bring things early, they will put everything out for me. We don't have much to do though, so I'm just going to go over earlier that day and help my mom put everything out. I can't wait!

Well, that's it for now! Have a good night!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I've come to the conclusion that little Aly's feet have taken up residence in my rib cage.

The past few nights, I have been getting MAJORLY kicked in the ribs... NOT a good feeling. Her kicks are getting stronger by the day! I've also been getting alot of kicks down low, though they're not as strong... must be her little hands punching mommy all over the place.

Not much else has changed lately... just watching my belly pop out more with each week (or DAY, as it seems sometimes.) It's still hard to get accustomed to the fact that I get short of breath just walking up the steps (or tying my shoes, for that matter), or that I get heartburn so often... or that I move at a snail's pace when getting up off the couch.... or that some of my maternity clothes are getting TIGHT IN THE BELLY! Ugh!

But it's all worth it when I think about holding little Aly in a few months. :-)

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Just past the 30-week mark. Wow. Only 10 more weeks to go... maybe!! Everyone says, "Oh, you'll go late with your first one," but you never know.

This past week, I've reeeeeally started to feel more pregnant. I'm not exactly doing the pregnancy 'waddle', but getting around is becoming more tedious! I have to get up slowly, or those darn round ligament pains hit me like a ton of bricks. Those suckers about take my breath away sometimes!

My husband was laughing at me the other day... he walked in the bedroom and there I was, sitting on the edge of the bed, attempting (I say ATTEMPTING) to put my shoes and socks on without too much of a struggle. He watched with a smile on his face as I huffed and puffed, finally having to pull on the leg of my jeans in order to get my right leg up on my lap so I could reach my foot. He goes, "Honey.... do you need me to do that?" Not wanting to admit I needed help at this point in the game, I said no, and continued my struggle with my shoes. After successfully putting them on--thankfully my preggo brain got them on the right feet-- I vowed to buy some slip-on shoes, and became very thankful that the end of my pregnancy will come at a time where I can wear sandals and comfy flip-flops EVERY DAY if I want. What a relief THAT is.

Hubby also laughs at my love of cereal right now. I'm the only one in the house who eats cereal, and my cereal boxes have now taken up space in not one, but TWO cupboards. I have at least 8 boxes of cereal in the house right now. I was loving some Oatmeal Raisin Bran for awhile, then Corn Chex and Crispix, then my craving switched to Cap'n Crunch (plain AND with berries)... then Cocoa Puffs, and now I'm back to Crispix. I guess I should be happy that my biggest craving is cereal, and not ice cream or sweets. Though yes, I have had the occasional craving for ice cream... that latest being my infatuation with Edy's Loaded Butterfinger ice cream. That stuff is THE BOMB. It might actually be better than sex. To a pregnant girl who doesn't exactly feel all sexy right now, anyway! :-P haha

Topic change.

I woke up around 5am this morning with the usual feeling that my bladder was going to burst, then found myself unable to fall back to sleep. You know, the usual these days. But man, was my belly ACHING! I had woken up on my side, but I don't know if I happened to lay on my belly during my sleep or what. Then I started thinking, "Maybe it's Braxton Hicks contractions... maybe I just need to drink some water.... maybe something's wrong with the baby... maybe I just need to sit down for awhile..." I feel better now after sitting up on the couch for awhile, but I'm even more reassured by the frequent kicks I'm feeling from baby Aly. She's been sooooo active lately!! Hubby and I went to an indoor arena footbally game lastnight with some friends, and I wasn't thinking about the fact that the music and announcements would be TOTALLY LOUD... lol... and with every song and every announcement, I got kicked. She was particularly affected by the beginning of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train", where he screams, "All Aboaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard! HA HA HA." I don't think she liked THAT one so much. :-) Most of the music was the usual sporting event pop/R& B music, which I'm into but Russ isn't so much. I jokingly told Russ, "Aly must like her mommy's music." :-) I felt bad for the poor girl though... she was probably wondering what the heck was going on outside her comfy little water world.

Well, I hear hubby's alarm going off and have a feeling he's gonna sleep through it if I don't head in the bedroom and wake him up. Have a great day, everyone! :-)

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Wow, it seems like since the third trimester started, along came ALL the talked about signs/symptoms of it too.

Over the past week, I've been dealing with heartburn...ALOT. I think I should buy stock in Tums now! I had to leave work early the other morning because I was so sick to my stomach. I've never had heartburn before, but now it's come in full force.

Also, I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions! I've read so much about people experiencing them, but didn't think I was having them myself. Lastnight I really noticed it though. We were out shopping and my stomach just felt tense all over and very hard...kinda achy too. Then after a few minutes I was fine. That happened a few times afterwards too. None today so far though. I read that they can be due to dehydration or drinking caffeine though... so I've been trying to keep hydrated and drink more water. Come to think of it, i DID drink iced tea with dinner beforehand :-/

Anyway, nothing much else to talk about. My little soccer player/karate master is still kicking away in there. I'm beginning to think she just might BE head down, or getting that way, because her movements seem stronger up near my ribs. When I lay on either side at night, she kicks the opposite side near my ribs like crazy. I just lay my hand up there and watch it jump up and down!


In other news.... my shower is in ONE MONTH! Actually LESS than one month! I can't wait! We just got our Pack 'N Play in the mail from my husband's aunt and uncle who live in Virginia. It matches our travel system and the highchair and swing we registered for too! :-)

Hubby's mom came over the other day and wanted to see the progress we've (well, I'VE) made on the nursery so far. We were upstairs looking at everything, and she noticed we had gotten a mattress for the kid bed we have in the room. She goes, "Oh, have you picked out bedding yet?" I told her that I had some bedding I loved in the JCPenney catalog. She goes, "Oh really? Well if you'd like, I can buy THAT for you for your shower!" I showed it to her, and she ended up buying the whole bedding set for us... the comforter, bed skirt, and pillow sham, and she also bought two matching valances for the nursery windows! Since the colors in the room are pale pink and purple, we got the bedding in a pale lilac... it's gonna look sooooooooo cute! I can't wait to get everything in the mail, so I can get it all washed and set up in the nursery! I'll be sure and post pictures, like I've said before :-)

Well, I'm gonna get some breakfast... time to feed mommy AND baby. Have a great day!