Friday, December 29, 2006

15 weeks

Ok. Two things. Well, maybe three.

One: My belly is officially getting bigger. My abs have hurt like heck lately (and I KNOW I haven't done anything CLOSE to a workout), and when I poke around my belly button, that whole area is hard as a rock. I was pointing at my belly button and telling my husband, "Hey...poke me right here. Feel how hard that is? Weird!" He just kinda looked at me like, "" He didn't get my excitement.

But yes, the belly is definitely bigger. I stand in the bathroom looking into my full length mirror, and can't believe my belly. It looks like I have pre-period bloating times 100. Things are 'rounding out' a little, belly-wise. Thank goodness no other places are growing along with the belly, if you know what I mean! My jeans still fit everywhere but in the belly, but they aren't going to last much longer... this girl NEEDS to get to a maternity clothing store. My mother-in-law got me a gift card to Motherhood Maternity, so after this weekend (work 3 in a row) I'll have to go hit the mall and get some jeans. My parents got me maternity dress clothes, but no jeans. My dad goes, "You're picky with jeans, so we'll let you pick those." hehe...

Number 2: I stepped on the scale yesterday and was DOWN a pound. I keep dropping a pound on my scale here at home. But I keep telling myself that last week was a BAD week for me... flu and everything, which took my appetite away. I'd eat food and it'd come right back up... not fun. That lasted almost the whole week. I didn't get my appetite back until right around Christmas Eve, and so I've been trying to eat at least every few hours, if not more than that. I've kept up with my vitamins and iron through all the sickness, so that's a good thing. Hopefully I put on a few pounds here soon. (Gee, never thought I'd be saying THAT!)

Number 3: The hubby is requesting "bedroom time" alot more lately, and I've found that I'm much more into it lately. Before, I had no desire at all. I had that "Don't touch me, don't grab anything,don't feel anything... just.....don't" kinda attitude before. But I'm actually getting that spark back again. I'm likin' it! Maybe what they say about sex drive increasing in the 2nd trimester is true afterall! Yay! I was starting to think there was something wrong with me!

So, there are my updates for now. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Well, it's officially Christmas Day in 3 hours. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season so far with friends and family!

My husband and I went to church at 4pm today, thinking that it wouldn't be THAT crowded. WRONG! It was standing room only by the time we got there. A view standing in the back of the church with tons of other people just isn't the same as being in the pews with everyone else. Oh well... I was there, that's what counts.

Standing in the back, I got to see everything that always goes on BEHIND my back during church. I saw all the mothers carrying their babies around, trying to keep them from crying and what not... all the cute little baby girls and boys dressed in their adorable Christmas outfits. I couldn't help but get a smile on my face, thinking, "That'll be ME next year, carrying around a little 6 month-old baby!" I can't wait.

After church, we went to my Grandma's house with the rest of my mom's side of the family. It was crazy (in a good way!) as usual! My cousin had her new baby there... she is absolutely adorable. I got to hold her for awhile... everyone was saying, "Practice's your turn next year!" Again, I can't wait.

I THINK I've been feeling the 'quickening' lately... it feels like gas bubbles sometimes, and then other times it's just a weird feeling I can't describe... a NEW feeling that I just know is my little baby moving around. It is the neatest thing knowing that there is a little baby, only 4 inches long so far, moving all around in there.

Oh, and another update... my appetite is finally returning from the short attack of the flu earlier in the week. No more dry heaving 24-7. THANK GOODNESS. I was dreading the thought that possibly my morning sickness had come back with a vengeance. Instead, it's been replaced with several episodes of heartburn at night. I was reluctant to take TUMS at first, but after reading that it was safe during pregnancy (wasn't on my doc's list of meds I can take), I popped a couple and it worked wonders. I have a feeling TUMS are going to be my best friend in the coming months.

That's all for now. To anyone reading this--- have a GREAT Christmas! Be safe if you're out traveling!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well, lastnight I had my first dream about a baby BOY. Now, I don't know if this is just because of the ultrasound and all the wondering I'm doing now... all the "is it a boy, is it NOT a boy?" thoughts going through my head.

In my dream lastnight I was at my parents' house getting all dressed up for halloween (don't ask me, crazy dreams...) and there were THREE babies sitting on the floor side by side. (And YES I know for a fact I'm only having ONE.) The first was a little boy, and the other two were girls. I was dressing all of them up for halloween too... but for some reason I felt like the little boy was MINE. So who knows. This is the first dream I've EVER had about a baby boy that was mine. All my dreams thus far have only been about having baby girls. Now I'm REALLY wondering.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well, things went well at the ultrasound this morning. As well as can be expected I guess. The good news is that everything is fine and dandy with the baby. He/she wasn't moving as much as last time though, just the hands and occasionally the feet were dancing around.

The sonographer said that the baby is growing normally and is right up to date for how far along I am. She said the fluid was fine, and that she just wanted to look around to see why I had been bleeding. She checked my ovaries and they were fine, then checked the cervix and said it was fine too. She said there wasn't as much fluid around the cervix as with my first ultrasound, so that was probably the cause of last week's brownish spotting.

She then looked at the placenta and said it was more than likely the culprit of my current spotting. She pointed at the edge of the placenta and said that a tiny little bit was close to the cervix. She said it will heal itself and that it won't turn into placenta previa or anything, so that was a big relief.

Once the ultrasound was over, she gave me 8 pictures of the little one... lots of pics of the now-more-proportional face and side views. My husband was excited and asked, "So can you tell what the baby is yet??" and the lady said, "Well, not really since things are so small, but we'll take a look here..." She got to where we could see the baby's behind and feet, and said, "Well... there MIGHT be something..." and enlarged a section of the picture to show what MIGHT be little boy parts. But it's so blurry you really can't tell much yet. That got my husband soooooooooo excited. I'm still secretly hoping for a girl, but with all I've gone through so far, I'll take a boy OR girl as long as it's healthy.

Since this morning I was slightly cramping and still spotting (though faint brown now),along with having even more of those sharp twinges, the doc wants me to rest until they see me next, which is December 27. So now I'm on yet another leave of absence from work til then.

I just want all the drama to be over so I can truly start to enjoy this pregnancy rather than worrying 24-7.


Monday morning around 9:30am, I woke up to a bad surprise. Red spotting. Not bright red, and not alot though. It was maroonish in color and just reminded me of the very start of a period. I wasn't having any cramping at the time. I held back tears and dialed the number of my OB doctor. I knew they had office hours in the morning, but they didn't answer. I left a voicemail explaining my situation, hopped in the shower, and received a call back from them not even 10 minutes later. They told me they could get me in for an appointment, but let me know that they see the last patient at 10:30am. I let them know that I'd be there asap. I hurried up and got dressed, dried my hair, and my husband and I left around 10:10. Thankfully it doesn't even take 15 minutes to get to the hospital.

Once I got there, the nurse checked my BP and my weight... my weight didn't change any (so only 1 pound gained so far) and my BP was good... 118/70. She then listened to fetal heart tones and heard them right away... thumping away, strong as ever. She said they sounded really good. WHAT A RELIEF. I told her, "You always find them right away." Thank goodness for her, because I would have freaked out if it took her awhile to find the heartbeat today.

The doc examined me and said things looked ok.... he sent me downstairs to lab to do a urine culture. I downed a bottle of water on my way down there since it was sprung on me and I wasn't exactly ready enough to pee in a cup! Before I left the office, he said, "No work tonight." (I was scheduled night turn 12 hours at the hospital)then said, "I want you to come back tomorrow (Tues.) for a sonogram. If things are ok, you will be able to go back to work." He wrote a note that said, "Due to pregnancy complications, no work for Betsy until further notice."

Russ and I went to the hospital and took the note to Human Resources... as I already knew she'd say, the lady there said "Well, we can't really do anything with this yet... since this is the first day, it can't be considered a leave of absence." (You have to report off for 3 days in order for it to be a leave, so I'd have to be off Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights this week in order for it to be a leave. If not, it's just a report off...) I told her I just wanted her to have a copy of the note on file just incase it turns into a leave.

I then went up to my clinical manager's office but she wasn't there. I left her a copy of the note also, and explained what went on, and that so far the "no work until further notice" only means Monday unless (heaven forbid) something goes wrong.
Last thing was calling staffing to let them know I wouldn't be in... they were really understanding and said just to let them know tomorrow if things change.

I just want these scares to stop. I already had to have a leave of absence a few weekends ago due to cramping...then last Thursday was the brown spotting, and now this. All day long today I've just rested. I've been having occasional sharp pains in the middle of my pelvis, pretty much the center of my uterus... they come and go, but some of them make me stop in my tracks if I'm up. Now, I know the feeling of the "round ligament" pains, but this is different. These pains are just sharp and mostly situated in the middle, not the sides. Oh, and also I've had a lot of the "pulling, stretching" feelings in my belly... probably just all due to stretching but who knows. I just hope I don't have a tear in my placenta or something. THe good thing is that the spotting let up by mid morning and as of now, it's faint faint brown at times, other times there's nothing at all.

So this starting my day, topped off by the fact that the hubby and I ordered pizza last evening that totally didn't agree with me... and it makes for a wonderful night. Hence why I'm still awake. My stomach is in knots, I'm dry heaving and worshiping the toilet, and I have chills. No fever though...98.6. Oh, how much fun this is.

I'll update on what happens with the ultrasound later in the morning. All prayers would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.

Friday, December 15, 2006

13 weeks

Well, I've finally entered the "I'm too big for my own pants" phase. I decided awhile back that right after Christmas I would go bite the bullet and buy some maternity pants, but I might have to do that a little sooner than I thought.

Tonight my husband and I had plans to go out to dinner. Now, it's probably only been almost a week since I've been in my jeans... I wear scrubs at work, and my other days off last week I pretty much stayed in my pj pants, cleaning the house and what not. So tonight, I went down in the laundry room to get my jeans, and was surprised at what I found when I got upstairs.

They didn't fit. They didn't even BUTTON. At least last week I could button them and just leave the zipper undone for some added room. No such luck today. I tried to tell myself, "Well, they WERE just washed and dried in the dryer"... but they've been washed and dried in the dryer EVERY time I put them on, and they've always fit.

I pulled at the buttons to see if maybe, JUST MAYBE, they would be reunited.... but no. They refused to come any closer than 2 inches from eachother. So I had no choice but to resort to..... THE RUBBER BAND.

I can't remember where online I read this little trick, but I thank the dear Lord that I found it.

You get a rubber band (preferably a nice thick one!) and loop it around the button of your jeans... take it through your button hole and then back around your button again. And VOILA! JEANS THAT STAY UP! (Just remember to carry an extra just incase the other breaks so you don't have to walk around pulling your jeans up all day!)

So, I guess it's time for this girl to make a little visit to Motherhood Maternity....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Been awhile since I posted... I need to get caught up on this blog.

After the weekend, I didn't have any more cramping. However, Thursday night at work I had a little scare and had to go to the ER. Luckily I work in a hospital, so all I had to do was go right downstairs. I had gone to the bathroom and noticed I was spotting dark brown and also had alot of it when I wiped. (Sorry if TMI...) I got freaked out so I went to the ER just to be safe. Thank goodness we only live 10 minutes away, so it didn't take my husband long to get there and be by my side.

They checked for fetal heart tones and found them after a few minutes, nice and strong in the 160's. I was SO RELIEVED. All I kept thinking when this was happening was, "Oh my God, this is it... something bad is going to happen." (I know, I should be optimistic.) They then did a urinalysis just to make sure I didn't have an infection, because that can cause cramping/bleeding...but that came back fine. I went home a little after midnight and just rested. WHAT A SCARE.

I spotted real light brown all through the day Friday, but none since then. I called my OB doc that morning and they said that brown is normally ok and that since it wasn't bad and I wasn't cramping, they would get me in the office first thing Monday (yesterday) morning.

The weekend went problems. Thank goodness.

Yesterday I went to my appointment bright and early at 8:45am. The nurse checked my BP (which was surprisingly good at 110/70! YAY!) and did my weight. I asked her if I've gained any weight yet and she goes, "One pound...not bad." She then took me in the exam room and listened for fetal heart tones. She found them right away.... I was just smiling and smiling and smiling. I told her, "That is the best sound in the world to me right now!" She held the doppler on me for about a minute and the little baby heart was just beating away, nice and fast. Sounded to me like it was still around 160.

When doc came in, he checked me out and said he didn't see any more signs of brown or anything, and that everything looked good. They were thinking of doing another US in a few weeks, but the nurse said that since my first one was fine, they weren't going to do it. The doc just wants me to come back in 2 weeks, just to keep and eye on me. I go back December 27... I'm now feeling optimistic that, yes, things are going to be ok.

Everyone at work keeps asking, "Are you ok? How are you feeling? Everything alright?" It's good to have the support of your coworkers. They called me at home while I was off for a few days just to check on me and make sure I was ok... I really appreciated that.

Well, that's my update for now. As for today, I'm feeling so-so. I still get queasy if I don't eat every few hours or so, but that's about it. OH...and this morning--- I got home and evidentally the hubby had taken food out of the fridge lastnight and thrown it in the garbage. He took it to the dumpster THIS MORNING, but also that meant he let it marinate overnight. The house smelled like something died in here thismorning, which automatically had me dry heaving as soon as I unlocked the front door and walked in the house this morning. I seriously had to call him and make sure some strange animal didn't get in the house and die underneath something. Yes, it was that bad. And YES, the smell is better now. It couldn't even classify as a smell. It was more of a STANK. Ugh.

Alright, more another time.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


A little update on the past few days...

Thursday the 30th I had my first ultrasound. Baby was moving around like a little acrobat in there at first, then decided to take a break. The heartbeat was very strong at 171 BPM. We didn't get to hear it yet, but just seeing it was the most amazing thing ever. To see the little life growing inside me... words can't describe. Here is a picture.

As for the weekend, I've been feeling, well... just ok. I've been pretty crampy so I've been taking it easy. It scared me there for awhile, but things are getting better. I just noticed that when I overdo it on the cleaning/decorating, I start getting crampy. Must be baby's way of telling me, "Mommy, take a break, will ya?!"

My appetite is much better... I'm still a little gaggy here and there. I quit taking the Premesis vitamins and started taking the stronger Prenate Elite vitamins along with an extra iron supplement. So far, my stomach is adjusting ok to them. I just make sure I feel fine when I take them... because if I'm feeling even the least bit queasy and take them, it's all over from there.... hehe.

As for the insomnia, it's better too. However, I am just SO WORN OUT ALL THE TIME. I fall asleep early therefore I wake up early, and it's just a vicious cycle. Take lastnight... I fell asleep on the couch about 8:30pm and woke up this morning at 7:30am. I haven't been taking naps during the day or anything, so the cycle just repeats itself over and over. But you know, I don't even think I woke up once during the night to pee. That's the part I'm loving now that my first trimester is coming to an end. I used to wake up at least 3 or 4 times during the night (usually every few hours) and so I still felt SO TIRED when I woke up due to the interrupted sleep. And every time I had to pee, I felt like I was going to BUST! Now the trips to the bathroom are few and far between... thank you Lord. LOL

That's it for now... I'm off to rest some more. I'm starting to go stir-crazy being stuck in this house.... (sigh) However, gotta do what you gotta do...