Thursday, May 31, 2007

37 week appointment

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday... no big news to report here. I'm still NOTHING. Not dilated, not effaced (or at least he didn't TELL me I was.) BOO HISS! I at least wanted to be SOMETHING!

So now I go back next Thursday. Hopefully the 38 week appointment brings some better news!

In the meantime, I'm still having lots of Braxton Hicks, and lots of those sharp knife-like pains in the you-know-what. Not to mention, just a few days ago, I started getting occasional crampy feelings that send pain to my lower back!!! Now THOSE suck. It kinda scared me at first, cause I remember my cousin saying she had back pain for a few days, then her little Olivia made an appearance in the world shortly after. But so far, none of the back pain today. Those are just few and far between.

I'm kinda hoping that the full moon this coming weekend leads to Alyson's birthday.... wishful thinking, I know. But it's a nice thought!

(Aly, you can come any time, ok baby girl? Mommy's getting miserable!)

Monday, May 21, 2007


Lastnight while sitting on the couch, I noticed I was getting A LOT of sharp pains... maybe this is TMI, but it felt like I was getting poked in the cervix or something. They were just those sharp pains that take your breath away.... then I got a little crampy! Luckily that all lasted for about a half hour then went away.

I don't know whether that was a form of braxton hicks or not. I tried to see if my belly felt all hard through that, but I don't think it did. I think Aly was just positioned to where she was putting pressure 'downstairs.' It was driving me nuts though! So much so that I started looking to see if that was a symptom you experience prior to labor!! Cause hell, I don't know what to

I just keep wondering where I'm going to be or what I'm going to be doing when I go into labor. I really hope I'm at home when I start having regular contractions and/or my water breaks. I ESPECIALLY hope I'm at home for the water breaking part, if that should happen prior to going to the hospital. I don't want to be out shopping at the mall, or walking down the All my coworkers say that they hope I go into labor at work. Why, I don't know. But hey, at least I'd be in the right place! Part of me thinks I'd still go home and get a shower, make sure my hospital bag is packed with everything I need, etc... but that's NOW. When the time comes, I just might be changing my mind about that if I'm not at home! Luckily we just live 10 minutes down the road from the hospital, so we should have plenty of time to get things situated once I DO go into labor.

Can you tell I'm getting nervous?! It's that excited kinda nervous though. With each day and week that goes by, I look even more forward to holding little Aly in my arms!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I had yet another doctor's appointment this morning... surprisingly I got right in and out this morning.

My blood pressure was still good, so I'm happy about that. I'm even happier about the fact that I LOST a pound since last appointment. (And I feel like all I've been doing is EATING!!) Baby is still growing right on track... I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow and I'm measuring 36.

The exam with the doc went pretty quickly. He looked at my belly and goes, "Stand up... I want to take a look at your belly. Are you really pregnant?" and laughed. It's pretty bad when my DOCTOR isn't sure if I'm pregnant by looking at I wore a white maternity top today, but I guess I didn't look all that pregnant when I was sitting down. Once I stood up and my belly very obviously made my shirt stick out, the nurse goes, "OH yeah. Look at that belly!"

So I've got a little belly. Oh well. Baby's fine, mommy's fine...that's all that matters.

One other thing though... once the doctor and nurse saw my belly, I was told to take my belly ring out soon. LOL. (Woops... they weren't supposed to see that!) I've kept it in this long and have had NO problem with it whatsoever, but the nurse goes, "We don't want anything tearing." Believe me, if my belly was about to tear, this thing would have been out a long time ago! I'm not THAT attached to it!

At the end of the appointment, doc said he wants to schedule me for AN ULTRASOUND! WOO HOO! I get to see my little girl again! I haven't had an ultrasound since my 18 week one in Pittsburgh. So next Thursday I'll find out how big my little one is, and if she's head down and ready to enter the world! I can't wait :-)

So that was my appointment.

Today I plan to just do things in the nursery, and do some laundry. But not just ANY laundry... BABY LAUNDRY! I'm on my second load of baby laundry... so far today I've washed up all her receiving blankets, burp cloths, teeny tiny little socks, caps, mittens, and some onesies, and now I've moved onto all the rest of the 0-3month clothes. I'm getting things done, slowly but surely. So why does it still feel like there's SO MUCH TO DO?!

I've started compiling a list of things I need to do....
1. Finish baby laundry
2. assemble pack n play, swing
3. put together stroller
4. carseat in car (and then figure out how the heck to use it!)
5. Get bag packed for hospital (mine AND Aly's)
6. put up curtains in nursery
7. wash up bedding for kid bed
8. Etc etc etc

5 weeks (maybe!) to do all this.... better get busy. :-P

Have a great day :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning... things went pretty well. My pregnant butt gained another 2 pounds since my last visit, but doc didn't say anything about it. That puts me at 15 pounds for the whole pregnancy so far. He said, "That's 1 pound a week... you're doing everything right."

Woo hoo!

Aly was being stubborn this morning and wouldn't let the nurse find her heartbeat. After a few minutes, she settled down and stayed in one spot. Her heartbeat was nice and strong. I've decided that I think Aly is head down, lying sideways with her butt toward my right side. (most of the time, anyway!) I always feel a big hard bump sticking out on my right side, probably her little butt! Also, yesterday she had the hiccups and I felt them down really low, then I could see the right side of my belly moving too... probably her belly. I could tell she was annoyed, because she kept moving around until they stopped. But anyway... I got a little off track there. Back to the appointment.... :-)

I told the doctor about how I've been swelling more lately... he kinda got an "uh oh" look on his face. I showed him my feet and said, "Well, right now, it's just my feet and ankles." His nurse practitioner asked me if it seems to happen more after work. I said yeah, but that even when I'm not working and am on my feet for a short period of time, my ankles and feet start swelling. She goes, "Well, how about we cut your hours down at work?" (Which is what I knew they would probably say...) I told her I really can't do that, because right now I'm working 3 days a week for 12 hour shifts. If I cut myself down to 8 hour shifts, that would make me have to work for 4 whole nights 11pm-7am, then pick up another 4 hours a different night. I am NOT going to be working 5 night a week and be swollen like that. The way I see it, I swell after a few hours at work, so it's still gonna suck regardless of whether I'm at work for 12 hours or 8 hours.

So then the nurse goes, "Well, how about we cut your days a week down?" (Which I'd LOVE, but I can't do...) I told her, "Well, that'd be great and all, but I have to stay full time, since I'm the one holding the insurance husband is on MY insurance." If I dropped to only 2 days a week or whatever, that would be considered part time and the amount taken out of my paycheck every 2 weeks for insurance would go up about $400. No thank you.

So as of right now, I'm sticking with the same work schedule. Doc told me he'd just like to see me in a week, to make sure things are going ok. The good news is that even though I'm swelling a bit, my blood pressure was alright. It was 110/something this morning... at least it's not climbing. Then I'd be worried.

Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that things stay alright and that I don't have to go on maternity leave early. I'm just gonna do what I've been doing...watching my salt and drinking water. Doc said "Don't drink TOO much, just ENOUGH." So I'm assuming that's the recommended 8 glasses a day. Still hard to do! Thank goodness for Crystal Light packets!

So that was my morning. I'm just gonna sit with my feet up and relax for now. I have to work AGAIN tonight, then I'm off for a 4-day weekend. Yay!

Here are a few belly shots I took... one was yesterday (the tired exhausted looking and the other was today after I got back from the doctor's. (A little more rested.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Wow, I've been neglecting this blog.

Well, today I am officially 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant. 7 more weeks to crazy is THAT?

This past week I think I've officially entered Cankle land. Yuck. If I'm on my feet for any length of time, they make an appearance. Damn you, cankles. LOL.

Also, I've been getting a lot more braxton hicks contractions...not to mention lots of um, pressure in my hoo-ha. Oh, and lots of sharp pains that go back to my butt! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeow! Now THOSE suck. Is little Aly in there strategically aiming for my most sensitive spots?! :-P She must be getting bored in there, so she's playing a game of "Let's kick mommy where it counts!"


In other news... TODAY IS MY BABY SHOWER!!!! I can't wait... I'm so excited. I've been a registry peeker, big time. But I can't help it! :-) The shower is today from 1-3, maybe 4. We're having lots of good food... croissant sandwiches, fruit and CHOCOLATE FONDUE (at the request of the mommy-to-be!), meat and cheese trays, garden salad, pasta/potato salad.... YUM. For dessert, they are making my cake in thirds. One part is going to be chocolate cake with bavarian cream in the inside, another is white with raspberry filling, and the last part is going to be white with lemon filling. Also for dessert we're having raspberry sorbet. Oh, this is a preggo girl's dream. HAHA! :-)

I'll update later with some pictures!