Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Alyson is here!

Hey everybody! Sorry it's taken me so long to post about the birth of little Alyson. Things have been pretty hectic around here since the birth, as I'm sure all of you with new babies can attest to!

Well, I'll start with Thursday. Thursday morning we got to the hospital around 8am for my induction. At first, only I was allowed to go back and the rest of my family just stayed out in the waiting room. When I arrived in my room, the nurses gave me a bag for my clothes... they said, "Just remove everything and put this gown on" then told me they needed a urine sample (fun fun.) So I get all in my gown and come out carrying my pee sample, and there stand two good looking male student nurses along with the staff nurses. "Just great" I thought, sarcastically. Being a former nursing student myself, I knew that nursing students get to participate (and SEE) everything. Talk about embarrassing, being that they were guys... hehe.

But anyway... Things started out pretty slowly... the first hour just consisted of the nurses asking me a ton of admission-type questions, then they started my IV to get labwork. (Which took 3 tries. Normally I don't mind, but those were some BIG needles.) They then hooked me up to the monitors, and I could hear little Aly's heart beating away in the 140's. The nurse checked me for dilation and effacement, and said I was around 90% effaced and (sadly!) only 1 centimeter dilated. I had hoped to be more dilated by then.

Around 9am, they talked with my doctor, and the Pitocin was started, along with IV fluids. At first, I didnt feel much of anything. I was just having small contractions which truthfully I wouldn't have known I was having had it not been for seeing them on the monitor. The nurse then doubled my drip rate to 12. Shortly after that, the contractions picked up but still weren't very painful... just pressure more than anything. However, they were coming every 2 minutes or so. The nurse came back in a little later and cut my drip rate in half since the contractions were so close together. We went back and forth with the drip rate for the next 4 hours or so.

Around 12, my parents bought us all lunch, while I sat up in a comfy leather recliner, still not feeling much of anything. A nurse came in and my dad said, "If she doesn't progress, is there a chance she will be sent home?" The nurse said "Well, it's always possible." At that point, I started getting a little depressed, thinking, "I came here thinking I was having a baby today... I don't want to wait any longer!" A little while later, that nurse told us my doctor had called in wanting to know about my progress, so he was filled in on my status with the pitocin.

1:30pm came around, and I was still not having very strong contractions. I was getting majorly bummed and said, "Well, if THIS keeps going on, I'll be here forever." Just then, my nurse came back in and said, "The doctor is here to check you... I'll help you back in bed." I got back in bed and my doc walked in. He checked me to see how dilated I was and I was only 2 centimeters. He then gave me majorly good news... he said, "I'm going to break your water now." (YAY!) I got a surprised look on my face and the nurse laughed and said, "Looks like you ARE having a baby today!" She then pressed my call light and when another nurse called back to see what we wanted, my nurse goes, "Ok, go ahead and admit her now." :-)

Lemme tell ya, if my water had broken at home, I would have been flipping out! Talk about Niagara frickin Falls! LOL. After my water was broken, the contractions majorly picked up. Within 15 minutes, they were strong as heck. I said, "So when am I able to get an epidural?" and they told me, "Whenever you want, honey... just let us know." I tried to hold out for awhile, but by 2pm, I told Russ, "Go out to the nurses station and tell them I'll take it now." Unfortunately, we were told that the anesthesiologist was in surgery and would be a little while. I dealt with strong contactions for over an hour, and I heard the nurse say, "I'm going to give her some Stadol til he gets here." Now, I don't know if any of you ladies had stadol, but all it did was make me feel drunk and still in pain. I warned everyone beforehand, "If I act loopy with this stuff, don't laugh at me." LOL. It did make me a little, uh, more free with my speech. The only time I cussed was right after receiving the stadol. Right during a contraction, the blood pressure cuff on my arm pumped up just high enough to annoy me, and I said with my eyes closed and teeth clenched, "Why does that DAMN THING PUMP UP RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONTRACTION?!"
(But hey, if "damn" is the worst word I used, I figure I did pretty well.)

I got my epidural around 3:30pm, and if I could have kissed the anesthesiologist, I would have! (LOL... just kidding) Epidurals are WONDERFUL. Shortly after I had it, all I could feel was pressure. even though the contractions were peaking higher and higher. I was making Russ laugh because when I'd feel the pressure, I could also feel more amniotic fluid coming out of me, so I'd be like, "Here comes a contraction, and there I go pissing myself again." (Yes, still loopy from the stadol.)

My dilation progressed pretty quickly after the epidural, I think just because I was more relaxed and now allowing my body to do what it needed to do! Around 4:30 or 5, I was 6 centimeters dilated. By 6pm, I was already 8 centimeters! I told Russ, "You'd better call SOMEONE on their cell phone and tell them to cut dinner a little short!" (Our families were all downstairs in the cafeteria eating.) I guess when they heard, everyone dropped what they were eating and said, "Ok, not hungry anymore! Let's go!"

By 6:45 or 7pm (can't remember exactly), I was 10 centimeters could feel the baby's head RIGHT THERE. The nurses called my OB and then had me starting to push. My mom and cousin Brenda came in the delivery room at this point. After pushing awhile, the nurses said, "Wow, you must have one good epidural block" because evidentally my pushing wasn't up to I could feel the pressure and had the urge to push, but it wasn't that strong.

Once my OB doc got there (7:20-7:25ish), it was on. Doc placed a sterile towel on my chest and said, "I will put the baby right here." I was ready to cry by that point, thinking, "Wow, she'll be here any minute!!"

With my not-so-strong pushing, Alyson would start to come out, then wouldn't progress any further, so doc had to assist with the vacuum suction. All I heard everyone say was "Oh... look at all that dark hair on her head!" Everyone cracked up because evidentally once Alyson's head was out, she spit out the amniotic fluid in her mouth right off the bat. Doc suctioned her and I swear that amount of time waiting to hear her cry seemed like FOREVER, though it was only a few seconds!

Alyson Elizabeth Hunt was born at 7:38pm. She weighed 7 lb 5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. Russ's hands were shaking so much it took him 3 tries to cut the cord, poor guy! Hearing Aly cry and seeing her placed on my chest afterwards was truly amazing... such an indescribable feeling.

Before all this, Russ (the typical manly man he goes, "No, I won't cry" when I asked him if he thought he'd cry at the delivery. WELL. My manly man had his head buried in my shoulder while hugging me... I could hear him just sniffling away. When he stood up, his eyes were all red and he was wiping the tears away. Afterwards, he told me that seeing Alyson born was the most amazing thing ever.

Russ and I came home with our new bundle of joy on Saturday night. It was an interesting night, but I was fortunate to have my mom staying with us to help out. Alyson was up many many times through the night, but all went well. So far, she's been great through the night. She eats basically every 2-3 hours and has been taking at least 2 ounces per feeding already. She has a good appetite on her! She could be sleeping so soundly, but she'll wake up like clockwork and I'll hear her fussing and sucking on her little fingers, waiting for her bottle. Dealing with sleep, the past few nights haven't been that bad. She'll sleep for about 3 hours then sometimes I even have to wake her up to feed her! She's such a good baby and really only fusses when wants to eat, though she isn't too fond of bathtime yet. :-)

So far, Russ and I have decided she has his mouth (her lips are shaped EXACTLY like his) and his nose. She has my chin, I And we both have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, so she got those from both of us. Right now her eyes are really dark gray, but that's how mine were when I was born, so I'm guessing they'll turn brown soon.

Russ and I are just SO in love with our little girl. It's amazing how much having Alyson has changed Russ, too! The guy who once said "I'm not changing diapers" now VOLUNTEERS to do it. He's such a proud daddy and is already wrapped around Aly's little finger. She has tummy time with daddy every day. It's totally adorable. Becoming parents is definitely the best thing that's ever happened to us!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

39w4d- Emotions galore

Ever since I learned of my planned induction yesterday, I've truly been in such a DAZE, like I said in my post yesterday.

My emotions are one big rollercoaster right now. I've been sitting here in amazement, thinking how today and tomorrow are my last two childless days for the rest of my life. Not in a bad way, mind you...but it's just crazy to think about.

It's the last two days where it's just "Me and Russ." Then on Thursday once Alyson is here, our little family of 2 turns into 3, and we're responsible for this new precious little life. And EVERYTHING is going to change.

Russ and I were sitting around talking lastnight, and that's all I could think much things are going to change just in a few short days. It's not going to just be about me and him anymore...and I wonder how OUR relationship will change. I'm excited for what's to come, but so incredibly nervous at the same time.


For now, I'm just trying to get last-minute things done in the house. I have this list of things I'd like to get done within the next few days, but I have absolutely NO desire to do any of it. I'm just so TIRED! I really need to get myself motivated. It figures, any other day I'm a big ball of energy lately, but now that I HAVE to get things done, I am completely worn the heck out. Come on, energy...where'd you go?!

Monday, June 18, 2007

39w3d-- GOOD NEWS!

Well. I'm sorta in a daze right now!

I just got back from the doctor's. I definitely have some good news! When he checked me this morning, he said, "Oh, your cervix is very soft... 100% effaced... paper thin!" He said that I'm about the same amount dilated, though (right around 1.5-2cm)

As I sat there wondering, "Ok, so what next?" he looked at me and smiled... he said, "Well, you're due Friday... do you want to wait and see whether you go into labor, or do you want to be induced?"

(I was sitting there thinking, "What... wait... WOAH!") I then laughed and told him, "Well, I am getting kinda impatient here!" He said he'd call and talk with the birth center to see what times they have available for inductions. I waited a few minutes and he came back and said, "Thursday at 8am."

THURSDAY AT 8AM! I could be holding my little Alyson in my arms on THURSDAY! AAAH!

I'm feeling tons of emotions now. Nervous...excited...happy....surprised....just, WOW. I wasn't expecting all this today. I was expecting him to tell me nothing had changed and to come back to the office again in a few days!

OH...and also this appointment, he did DEFINITELY strip my membranes. He came out and said so today. He goes, "Well, I stripped your membranes, so you could very well go into labor sooner than Thursday!" WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I'm just so happy right now. I've called everyone close to me to tell them the news. Everyone's on standby with their cell phones

It's just nice to know that if nothing happens in the meantime, I have an actual TIMEFRAME. I know at least SOMETHING is going to happen Thursday. Hopefully this induction works without any problems and Russ and I are holding our little Aly by Thursday night. I'll keep you all updated!! If something does happen before Thursday, I don't know if my hospital has wireless internet access, so I might not be able to update until I get home. I'll have to check on that one :-)

For now, I'm going to put my feet up and hopefully I'll be feeling some contractions soon or my water will break! Maybe I should go do some jumping jacks.....hmm.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

38w4d... Come on, already!

I have a feeling I'm gonna be in labor shortly. No, not TODAY, per se, but SOON. I just have that gut's weird.

My hormones have just been OFF THE WALL lately. Lastnight I just busted out and started crying for no reason... one minute I'm talking and laughing to my hubby when we were getting ready to go to sleep, then the next minute I'm feeling totally miserable and crying. He didn't know what to do for me... poor guy. He just layed next to me, rubbing my back, listening to me sobbing and saying how miserable I am, how my back hurt, etc.

Today I've been getting LOTS of braxton hicks contractions, and those sharp pains 'down there'. Even pains in my butt! Yeeow! Alyson has been moving around alot, fighting the contractions, I guess. Some of the pains I get go into my lower abdomen and lower back, but those are still pretty sporadic. Not even long enough to consider timing. Argh.

So today with all this stuff, I've just been laying in bed relaxing... hoping that if SOMETHING is gonna happen, it happens SOON, before I have to head to work. Yes, I have to work tonight. BLECH. I'm gonna see how tonight goes and that will determine whether or not I decide to stick it out with working right up until the baby's born. I'm thinking tonight and MAYBE tomorrow are gonna be my last few days there. I'm SO ready to be done with that. We'll see.

Well, that's it for now... gotta get ready for work in a few. Keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed that SOMETHING happens to get my labor going!

Monday, June 11, 2007


"They" say that some pregnant people have certain hunches of when their due date will be. Well, my hunch has come and gone. For some strange reason, June 9th kept sticking in my head as my baby's due date, but alas it has come and gone. *sigh*

I thought SOMETHING was happening yesterday, but evidentally all my body was telling me was "slow the heck down", because once I laid down and rested for awhile, I felt fine. All morning, I had been getting those sharp pains in my cervix (the ones I've had for what seems like FOR-EV-ER), but also everytime Aly moved, I got period-like cramping and aching in my lower back. It kept up for awhile, so I started getting worried (and excited, though!) It would all go away once she stopped moving though. Guess I was just being teased. So, with all hopes of going into labor gone, Russ and I ended up going to a graduation party, then out shopping for a bit. Took my mind off things, so that was good. Guess I HAVE been kinda overdoing it lately, though... I've been MAJORLY nesting. I scrubbed the whole downstairs bathroom yesterday, and even got down on the floor and scrubbed the ceramic tile grout with a TOOTHBRUSH. LOL. I'm just trying to make sure the house is in tip-top shape for little Aly's arrival. Especially since Russ's mom, my mom, and other guests will be staying here at different times. Stress stress stress. :-P

Today I feel good so far, though I had a weird feeling in my right foot, and was surprised to see that it resembles a partially-inflated balloon with toes this morning. LOL. I haven't done much today yet either! I woke up early with Russ and made us breakfast, then worked on Aly's baby scrapbook at the dining room table for awhile. Just being on my feet/having my legs dependent for that long made my foot swell up! Grr. I can't even bend my toes all the way now. it's so weird that it's only my right foot... guess 'they' (whoever 'they' are) are right when they say the foot you favor more is the one that usually gets more swollen during pregnancy. I'm right handed, so I guess I'm right-footed

So for now, I'm just resting in bed with my leg elevated up on a pillow in hopes that my balloon foot will go down. The construction guys are back to work on the upstairs bathroom this morning, so I can't do anything in the nursery until later today. They usually work until 4 or 5. My parents are supposed to stop over later and help do some last-minute things in the nursery (put that ceiling fan up, and help me assemble some baby stuff.) Mondays are really busy for Russ, so they offered to help me with some things that I wanted Russ to do. They've been such a big help to me... I don't know what I'd do without them!

Dealing with work, I'm counting down the days until maternity leave. 6 more workdays to go, then I've decided I'm going on leave. I've mentioned on here in the past that my OB and the nurses are all surprised to find out I'm still working... well, they told me that whenever I feel I can't take work anymore, just let them know and they'll write me a work release note. I figure that I'll more than likely be having Alyson fairly close to my due date, so at my appointment this Friday, I'm going to have them write me a note so I can start maternity leave. My clinical manager scheduled me night turn on the 21st AND the 22nd (my due date!!!), so if I'm still feeling ok, I'll work just up til then. I'll be 40 weeks, so that is MORE THAN LONG ENOUGH to stick it out with working! We'll have to see though... if I'm swelling more during this week, I might just tell them to start my leave a week early. I don't want to be walking around with balloon feet 24-7. Plus, at work I've been increasingly more uncomfortable. I'm just trying to stick it out as long as I can. I've already used 2 weeks of my maternity leave back in December when I was spotting, so I want to have as many weeks off after Aly's birth as I can.

Well, I'm starting to ramble, so I'm gonna end this now. Have a wonderful Monday!

Betsy Balloon Foot....hehe

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today was my 38 week appointment.

(Sound of crickets chirping...)

(More crickets....)




If you can't tell, I don't have much to report. (sigh)

I'm still CLOSED. No dilation whatsoever. But there IS some good news.... I'm "starting to soften", according to my doctor. WOO HOO! I don't know exactly what percentage effaced that might be, but at least it's SOMETHING. (TMI, but the sex must be working! Haha!!)

I don't know what all doc did while he was poking around up there, but I've been kinda crampy ever since the internal exam. Nothing major, but enough to be uncomfortable. But hey, maybe he stirred things up a bit so we can get this labor ball rolling. LOL.

My BP today was a little up, 120/80... and (grr) I gained another pound. I haven't been eating as much over the past week either, and I DID notice my feet and ankles are a little puffy today, so I know I have some water retention going on right now.

After the nurse got my weight and BP, she checked the fetal heart tones. Aly was being cooperative today and stayed in one spot long enough to let the nurse get her heart rate. (More good news too--- the nurse told me, "I think you've dropped a bit honey! Last time I saw you, your belly was higher up near your breasts, and now it's lower.") YAY FOR PROGRESS! She laughed cause once she told me that, I got all excited. Since she wasn't in the room with me during my internal exam, she came up and asked me, "Well? Any progress?" afterwards. I told her, "Well, I'm softening, so that's a start!"

Guess I'm gonna have to give in and do the sex thing every night now, as much as I might not be in the mood. Hubby will be thrilled about THAT. LOL. For now, I'm gonna relax, put my feet up and be lazy for awhile. The house cleaning will have to come later. (Or tomorrow!)

Before I go, here are some pics I took today of my 38 week prego belly.

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Where are my feet?! :-)

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Have a great day!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm starting to get impatient. Not to mention MOODY! I'm just feeling kinda miserable lately.

Wow, how's that for a nice, upbeat start to a post?

I just feel like this baby is never going to come. I can't imagine how you other mommies-to-be who are approaching (or past) 40 weeks feel! I'm not even 38 weeks yet and I'm already thinking, "Bring it on, already!!!!"

I never thought I would look forward to seeing something as gross as a mucous plug in the toilet, but every time I go to the bathroom I turn around and look in the toilet hoping to see a little glimmer of hope that SOMETHING is going on 'downstairs.' It's equal to the suspense that Charlie Bucket had when opening up a candy bar in hopes of finding that golden ticket.

But sadly, nothing yet. No mucous plug. No water breaking. No golden ticket.

I know things are getting closer though, so that's good. I've been getting more and more braxton hicks, despite drinking water like a fish. Sometimes the crampiness goes to my lower back (owwwww....kinda like right now!), but those are few and far between. I'm just hoping that the pains in my back are just a signal that labor is coming soon, and not a sign that baby Aly is turned the wrong way. :-(

I just still get a heck of a lot of those sharp pains in my hoo Aly is knocking on the door of my cervix 24-7. I think she's having fun down there, thinking, "Wow, what's this?" KICK! POKE! KICK! POKE! "Cool! It makes mommy jump!"
Gotta love it. Yeah right.

I just CAN'T WAIT to see my baby girl. It seems like once 37 weeks hit, my impatience factor went off the charts. I want her out NOW! lol. Not that I don't still have some things to do before she gets here, but I'm just tired of being pregnant and want little Aly in my arms and not my belly. I'm just wondering how long my OB doc will let me go before he suggests induction or something. I just picture myself being, like, 50 weeks pregnant. LOL. Yeah, I know THAT can't happen, but that's what it feels I've been pregnant forever. In a way, I wish he would say, "OK, if you don't progress, we'll induce on this day." You know, so I at least have a DATE. So I'm not so unsure of things. Maybe if I don't progress at this next appointment, he'll suggest something. Heck, with all those sharp pains I'm getting, I'd have thought I'd be halfway dilated by now, but NOTHING. (sigh)

I guess I'm just venting now, sorry... it's just that once the back pains and the coochie pains and the worn-out feeling hit, this girl has gotten grouchy. :-P Hopefully I have some news to report SOON! :-)

(Taps on belly)- "Hey Aly... you know how last post I said that you can come out anytime? I wasn't joking. Really, you can."


Thursday, May 31, 2007

37 week appointment

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday... no big news to report here. I'm still NOTHING. Not dilated, not effaced (or at least he didn't TELL me I was.) BOO HISS! I at least wanted to be SOMETHING!

So now I go back next Thursday. Hopefully the 38 week appointment brings some better news!

In the meantime, I'm still having lots of Braxton Hicks, and lots of those sharp knife-like pains in the you-know-what. Not to mention, just a few days ago, I started getting occasional crampy feelings that send pain to my lower back!!! Now THOSE suck. It kinda scared me at first, cause I remember my cousin saying she had back pain for a few days, then her little Olivia made an appearance in the world shortly after. But so far, none of the back pain today. Those are just few and far between.

I'm kinda hoping that the full moon this coming weekend leads to Alyson's birthday.... wishful thinking, I know. But it's a nice thought!

(Aly, you can come any time, ok baby girl? Mommy's getting miserable!)

Monday, May 21, 2007


Lastnight while sitting on the couch, I noticed I was getting A LOT of sharp pains... maybe this is TMI, but it felt like I was getting poked in the cervix or something. They were just those sharp pains that take your breath away.... then I got a little crampy! Luckily that all lasted for about a half hour then went away.

I don't know whether that was a form of braxton hicks or not. I tried to see if my belly felt all hard through that, but I don't think it did. I think Aly was just positioned to where she was putting pressure 'downstairs.' It was driving me nuts though! So much so that I started looking to see if that was a symptom you experience prior to labor!! Cause hell, I don't know what to

I just keep wondering where I'm going to be or what I'm going to be doing when I go into labor. I really hope I'm at home when I start having regular contractions and/or my water breaks. I ESPECIALLY hope I'm at home for the water breaking part, if that should happen prior to going to the hospital. I don't want to be out shopping at the mall, or walking down the All my coworkers say that they hope I go into labor at work. Why, I don't know. But hey, at least I'd be in the right place! Part of me thinks I'd still go home and get a shower, make sure my hospital bag is packed with everything I need, etc... but that's NOW. When the time comes, I just might be changing my mind about that if I'm not at home! Luckily we just live 10 minutes down the road from the hospital, so we should have plenty of time to get things situated once I DO go into labor.

Can you tell I'm getting nervous?! It's that excited kinda nervous though. With each day and week that goes by, I look even more forward to holding little Aly in my arms!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I had yet another doctor's appointment this morning... surprisingly I got right in and out this morning.

My blood pressure was still good, so I'm happy about that. I'm even happier about the fact that I LOST a pound since last appointment. (And I feel like all I've been doing is EATING!!) Baby is still growing right on track... I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow and I'm measuring 36.

The exam with the doc went pretty quickly. He looked at my belly and goes, "Stand up... I want to take a look at your belly. Are you really pregnant?" and laughed. It's pretty bad when my DOCTOR isn't sure if I'm pregnant by looking at I wore a white maternity top today, but I guess I didn't look all that pregnant when I was sitting down. Once I stood up and my belly very obviously made my shirt stick out, the nurse goes, "OH yeah. Look at that belly!"

So I've got a little belly. Oh well. Baby's fine, mommy's fine...that's all that matters.

One other thing though... once the doctor and nurse saw my belly, I was told to take my belly ring out soon. LOL. (Woops... they weren't supposed to see that!) I've kept it in this long and have had NO problem with it whatsoever, but the nurse goes, "We don't want anything tearing." Believe me, if my belly was about to tear, this thing would have been out a long time ago! I'm not THAT attached to it!

At the end of the appointment, doc said he wants to schedule me for AN ULTRASOUND! WOO HOO! I get to see my little girl again! I haven't had an ultrasound since my 18 week one in Pittsburgh. So next Thursday I'll find out how big my little one is, and if she's head down and ready to enter the world! I can't wait :-)

So that was my appointment.

Today I plan to just do things in the nursery, and do some laundry. But not just ANY laundry... BABY LAUNDRY! I'm on my second load of baby laundry... so far today I've washed up all her receiving blankets, burp cloths, teeny tiny little socks, caps, mittens, and some onesies, and now I've moved onto all the rest of the 0-3month clothes. I'm getting things done, slowly but surely. So why does it still feel like there's SO MUCH TO DO?!

I've started compiling a list of things I need to do....
1. Finish baby laundry
2. assemble pack n play, swing
3. put together stroller
4. carseat in car (and then figure out how the heck to use it!)
5. Get bag packed for hospital (mine AND Aly's)
6. put up curtains in nursery
7. wash up bedding for kid bed
8. Etc etc etc

5 weeks (maybe!) to do all this.... better get busy. :-P

Have a great day :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning... things went pretty well. My pregnant butt gained another 2 pounds since my last visit, but doc didn't say anything about it. That puts me at 15 pounds for the whole pregnancy so far. He said, "That's 1 pound a week... you're doing everything right."

Woo hoo!

Aly was being stubborn this morning and wouldn't let the nurse find her heartbeat. After a few minutes, she settled down and stayed in one spot. Her heartbeat was nice and strong. I've decided that I think Aly is head down, lying sideways with her butt toward my right side. (most of the time, anyway!) I always feel a big hard bump sticking out on my right side, probably her little butt! Also, yesterday she had the hiccups and I felt them down really low, then I could see the right side of my belly moving too... probably her belly. I could tell she was annoyed, because she kept moving around until they stopped. But anyway... I got a little off track there. Back to the appointment.... :-)

I told the doctor about how I've been swelling more lately... he kinda got an "uh oh" look on his face. I showed him my feet and said, "Well, right now, it's just my feet and ankles." His nurse practitioner asked me if it seems to happen more after work. I said yeah, but that even when I'm not working and am on my feet for a short period of time, my ankles and feet start swelling. She goes, "Well, how about we cut your hours down at work?" (Which is what I knew they would probably say...) I told her I really can't do that, because right now I'm working 3 days a week for 12 hour shifts. If I cut myself down to 8 hour shifts, that would make me have to work for 4 whole nights 11pm-7am, then pick up another 4 hours a different night. I am NOT going to be working 5 night a week and be swollen like that. The way I see it, I swell after a few hours at work, so it's still gonna suck regardless of whether I'm at work for 12 hours or 8 hours.

So then the nurse goes, "Well, how about we cut your days a week down?" (Which I'd LOVE, but I can't do...) I told her, "Well, that'd be great and all, but I have to stay full time, since I'm the one holding the insurance husband is on MY insurance." If I dropped to only 2 days a week or whatever, that would be considered part time and the amount taken out of my paycheck every 2 weeks for insurance would go up about $400. No thank you.

So as of right now, I'm sticking with the same work schedule. Doc told me he'd just like to see me in a week, to make sure things are going ok. The good news is that even though I'm swelling a bit, my blood pressure was alright. It was 110/something this morning... at least it's not climbing. Then I'd be worried.

Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that things stay alright and that I don't have to go on maternity leave early. I'm just gonna do what I've been doing...watching my salt and drinking water. Doc said "Don't drink TOO much, just ENOUGH." So I'm assuming that's the recommended 8 glasses a day. Still hard to do! Thank goodness for Crystal Light packets!

So that was my morning. I'm just gonna sit with my feet up and relax for now. I have to work AGAIN tonight, then I'm off for a 4-day weekend. Yay!

Here are a few belly shots I took... one was yesterday (the tired exhausted looking and the other was today after I got back from the doctor's. (A little more rested.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Wow, I've been neglecting this blog.

Well, today I am officially 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant. 7 more weeks to crazy is THAT?

This past week I think I've officially entered Cankle land. Yuck. If I'm on my feet for any length of time, they make an appearance. Damn you, cankles. LOL.

Also, I've been getting a lot more braxton hicks contractions...not to mention lots of um, pressure in my hoo-ha. Oh, and lots of sharp pains that go back to my butt! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeow! Now THOSE suck. Is little Aly in there strategically aiming for my most sensitive spots?! :-P She must be getting bored in there, so she's playing a game of "Let's kick mommy where it counts!"


In other news... TODAY IS MY BABY SHOWER!!!! I can't wait... I'm so excited. I've been a registry peeker, big time. But I can't help it! :-) The shower is today from 1-3, maybe 4. We're having lots of good food... croissant sandwiches, fruit and CHOCOLATE FONDUE (at the request of the mommy-to-be!), meat and cheese trays, garden salad, pasta/potato salad.... YUM. For dessert, they are making my cake in thirds. One part is going to be chocolate cake with bavarian cream in the inside, another is white with raspberry filling, and the last part is going to be white with lemon filling. Also for dessert we're having raspberry sorbet. Oh, this is a preggo girl's dream. HAHA! :-)

I'll update later with some pictures!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning... everything sounds like it's going great. Aly's heartbeat was nice and strong, and I'm measuring at 33 weeks! I jokingly asked the nurse, "So maybe I'll go a week early, huh?!" She said that's not always the case, though. It's still a nice thought!

I've gained 3 pounds since my last appointment. Doc told me I need to watch my carbohydrates.

(sniffle sniffle) But.... but... I love carbs! As I've said before, my major craving is cereal. And of course I eat more than the serving size specified on the side of the box. Carb city, I know. Oh, and bread. I've had such a thing for either bread and butter or grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm just gonna have to cut back... which sucks. I have, IDEALLY, 2 more pounds I can gain before the baby's born... 4 at the most. This is gonna be rough... lol. I go back in 2 weeks, so we'll find out then if I've done a good job.

But anyway.... enough talk about that or I'm gonna get sad. :-P

I called the place where I'm having my baby shower (oops, almost wrote BRIDAL!) and gave them an approximate total of guests that are coming. He told me that I can even call him as late as the middle of next week if things change, so that's cool :-)

It's so hard to believe my shower is next weekend already! It's on May 5th. I talked with my mom today and we're going to go to a party supply shop tomorrow and get stuff for the shower... I still need more thank-you cards (we're gonna have guests address their envelopes at the shower and use that as a way to hand out prizes), and we want to buy pink and purple balloons, baby confetti, and some baby shower banners if they have them. We already have baby block centerpieces for the tables, and foil balloons in baby shapes. :-) The owner of the restaurant where I'm having the shower told me if I bring things early, they will put everything out for me. We don't have much to do though, so I'm just going to go over earlier that day and help my mom put everything out. I can't wait!

Well, that's it for now! Have a good night!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I've come to the conclusion that little Aly's feet have taken up residence in my rib cage.

The past few nights, I have been getting MAJORLY kicked in the ribs... NOT a good feeling. Her kicks are getting stronger by the day! I've also been getting alot of kicks down low, though they're not as strong... must be her little hands punching mommy all over the place.

Not much else has changed lately... just watching my belly pop out more with each week (or DAY, as it seems sometimes.) It's still hard to get accustomed to the fact that I get short of breath just walking up the steps (or tying my shoes, for that matter), or that I get heartburn so often... or that I move at a snail's pace when getting up off the couch.... or that some of my maternity clothes are getting TIGHT IN THE BELLY! Ugh!

But it's all worth it when I think about holding little Aly in a few months. :-)

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Just past the 30-week mark. Wow. Only 10 more weeks to go... maybe!! Everyone says, "Oh, you'll go late with your first one," but you never know.

This past week, I've reeeeeally started to feel more pregnant. I'm not exactly doing the pregnancy 'waddle', but getting around is becoming more tedious! I have to get up slowly, or those darn round ligament pains hit me like a ton of bricks. Those suckers about take my breath away sometimes!

My husband was laughing at me the other day... he walked in the bedroom and there I was, sitting on the edge of the bed, attempting (I say ATTEMPTING) to put my shoes and socks on without too much of a struggle. He watched with a smile on his face as I huffed and puffed, finally having to pull on the leg of my jeans in order to get my right leg up on my lap so I could reach my foot. He goes, "Honey.... do you need me to do that?" Not wanting to admit I needed help at this point in the game, I said no, and continued my struggle with my shoes. After successfully putting them on--thankfully my preggo brain got them on the right feet-- I vowed to buy some slip-on shoes, and became very thankful that the end of my pregnancy will come at a time where I can wear sandals and comfy flip-flops EVERY DAY if I want. What a relief THAT is.

Hubby also laughs at my love of cereal right now. I'm the only one in the house who eats cereal, and my cereal boxes have now taken up space in not one, but TWO cupboards. I have at least 8 boxes of cereal in the house right now. I was loving some Oatmeal Raisin Bran for awhile, then Corn Chex and Crispix, then my craving switched to Cap'n Crunch (plain AND with berries)... then Cocoa Puffs, and now I'm back to Crispix. I guess I should be happy that my biggest craving is cereal, and not ice cream or sweets. Though yes, I have had the occasional craving for ice cream... that latest being my infatuation with Edy's Loaded Butterfinger ice cream. That stuff is THE BOMB. It might actually be better than sex. To a pregnant girl who doesn't exactly feel all sexy right now, anyway! :-P haha

Topic change.

I woke up around 5am this morning with the usual feeling that my bladder was going to burst, then found myself unable to fall back to sleep. You know, the usual these days. But man, was my belly ACHING! I had woken up on my side, but I don't know if I happened to lay on my belly during my sleep or what. Then I started thinking, "Maybe it's Braxton Hicks contractions... maybe I just need to drink some water.... maybe something's wrong with the baby... maybe I just need to sit down for awhile..." I feel better now after sitting up on the couch for awhile, but I'm even more reassured by the frequent kicks I'm feeling from baby Aly. She's been sooooo active lately!! Hubby and I went to an indoor arena footbally game lastnight with some friends, and I wasn't thinking about the fact that the music and announcements would be TOTALLY LOUD... lol... and with every song and every announcement, I got kicked. She was particularly affected by the beginning of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train", where he screams, "All Aboaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard! HA HA HA." I don't think she liked THAT one so much. :-) Most of the music was the usual sporting event pop/R& B music, which I'm into but Russ isn't so much. I jokingly told Russ, "Aly must like her mommy's music." :-) I felt bad for the poor girl though... she was probably wondering what the heck was going on outside her comfy little water world.

Well, I hear hubby's alarm going off and have a feeling he's gonna sleep through it if I don't head in the bedroom and wake him up. Have a great day, everyone! :-)

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Wow, it seems like since the third trimester started, along came ALL the talked about signs/symptoms of it too.

Over the past week, I've been dealing with heartburn...ALOT. I think I should buy stock in Tums now! I had to leave work early the other morning because I was so sick to my stomach. I've never had heartburn before, but now it's come in full force.

Also, I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions! I've read so much about people experiencing them, but didn't think I was having them myself. Lastnight I really noticed it though. We were out shopping and my stomach just felt tense all over and very hard...kinda achy too. Then after a few minutes I was fine. That happened a few times afterwards too. None today so far though. I read that they can be due to dehydration or drinking caffeine though... so I've been trying to keep hydrated and drink more water. Come to think of it, i DID drink iced tea with dinner beforehand :-/

Anyway, nothing much else to talk about. My little soccer player/karate master is still kicking away in there. I'm beginning to think she just might BE head down, or getting that way, because her movements seem stronger up near my ribs. When I lay on either side at night, she kicks the opposite side near my ribs like crazy. I just lay my hand up there and watch it jump up and down!


In other news.... my shower is in ONE MONTH! Actually LESS than one month! I can't wait! We just got our Pack 'N Play in the mail from my husband's aunt and uncle who live in Virginia. It matches our travel system and the highchair and swing we registered for too! :-)

Hubby's mom came over the other day and wanted to see the progress we've (well, I'VE) made on the nursery so far. We were upstairs looking at everything, and she noticed we had gotten a mattress for the kid bed we have in the room. She goes, "Oh, have you picked out bedding yet?" I told her that I had some bedding I loved in the JCPenney catalog. She goes, "Oh really? Well if you'd like, I can buy THAT for you for your shower!" I showed it to her, and she ended up buying the whole bedding set for us... the comforter, bed skirt, and pillow sham, and she also bought two matching valances for the nursery windows! Since the colors in the room are pale pink and purple, we got the bedding in a pale lilac... it's gonna look sooooooooo cute! I can't wait to get everything in the mail, so I can get it all washed and set up in the nursery! I'll be sure and post pictures, like I've said before :-)

Well, I'm gonna get some breakfast... time to feed mommy AND baby. Have a great day!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well, I'm back home... did some shopping after my doctor's appointment.

Does anyone else feel like they wait FOREVER at the doctor's office?! My appointment was for 9:30... I waited an hour just to get called back. The nurse did the fetal heart tones, weight, BP, all that good stuff... then I waited ANOTHER half hour for the doctor to come in the room. Ugh.

Anyway, my doctor said everything came back fine with my 3 hour GTT... so yay I passed! They also did a HGBA1C on me, which came back fine also... thank goodness.

One good thing... my weight hasn't changed from last month! I only have about 5 more pounds I can gain this whole last trimester, so I'm on the right track. I've been eating healthy... lots of fruits, veggies, milk, yogurt, etc. From what I've read, the baby gains about a half pound per week. I figure I have 12 weeks left, so that's 6 more pounds... right on target :-)

Well, I'm off to go visit my parents. I'll write again soon.


Well, this morning at 9:30am I have an appointment with my OBGYN. I'll be finding out the results of my glucose tolerance test. I reeeeeeeally hope I passed it. I think my chances are good, considering I was only over by one point on the 1-hr glucola... so we'll see. I'll let you know :-)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

27w4d: 3hr GTT

Well, today I went and had my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. Ha.

The lady gave me a choice of whether to drink fruit punch or lemon lime. I figured I had fruit punch the first time and it wasn't bad, so I'd take it again.

I thought I'd get the same drink, only twice the amount. Instead, it was the same amount as last time, but twice as sweet. I managed to get it down-- not as quickly as last time, mind you-- and sat there wondering how I'd be feeling within the next 5 minutes. I was ok for a little bit, then gradually my stomach started getting sick. I didn't puke though. I wasn't about to have to start the test all over again. My boring wait in the lab waiting room wasn't totally terrible...the first hour went sooooooo slow but thankfully for some odd reason the next few hours went rather quickly. I got out of there around 11:15am.

I was cracking up though... boy, did that drink wake Aly up! My stomach was jumping up all over the place. She must have been on a sugar high, poor thing. I was getting kicked and punched twice as much as usual. She gradually eased up on the karate as the sugary drink wore off. I can only imagine what she was thinking... "Woah, mom... ease up on the sugar! Jeez!"

In other news.... I got a package of 'goodies' from a girl who I grew up with. She used to live a few houses up from me and is also pregnant with her first baby right now. She's due a month before me. I had bought her a few things off her registry, and she did the same for me! I got it in the mail today and was so excited! I LOVE baby stuff!!! She ended up getting me a few adorable sundresses, a hooded bath robe, washclothes, a bib and a little tote bag. I can't wait to use everything :-)

One more thing to talk about.

My 27th birthday is April 13th, and I have figured out what I would like to do. I told my husband that the best gift in the world would be for us to go have a 3D/4D ultrasound! He initially goes, "Honey, you've had a few so far, and you'll probably have another... why do you want that?" Then I told him how detailed it is, that will will get a DVD and everything... and showed him pictures online of 3d/4d ultrasounds. He goes, "Oh! I didn't know it was like THAT!" So he's all for it now too :-) We'll probably do it within the next few weeks :-) I'm off my birthday weekend, and it's pretty much planned already, so we'll probably do it on a weekday sometime. I can't wait! All we have to do is figure out a good day and then call and set everything up.

Well, I'm gonna go watch American Idol now. Have a great night!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Oh, how I dislike you, overly-sweet fruit punch drink. It is because of you that I now have to drink an even sweeter nasty concoction and sit through 3 long hours in a lab waiting room, and get stuck with needles three times during the process.

You suck, fruit punch drink.

Yep, that's right.... I failed my one-hour glucola. But do you know how much I failed it by? One point. ONE.... LOUSY.... POINT. This is the reason I am upset. I have to do the three-hour test all because of one lousy point. The nurse at my OB's office said that the cutoff is 135, and I got 136. I told her, "You've got to be kidding me." She goes, "I know honey, I'm sorry... one lousy point. " I didn't even have a thing to eat beforehand, even though I was allowed to have a light breakfast. I drank Crystal Light, that's it... and still got a 136.

So now I get to wake up bright and early and spend my day off Tuesday in the hospital getting poked at. Boo hiss.

(Fruit punch drink, did I mention that you suck?)

Friday, March 23, 2007

27 weeks

Well, 27 weeks down... 13 to go! :-) From what I've read, I've officially entered my third trimester. Go me.

With the beginning of the third trimester has come extreme tiredness and....heartburn. Heartburn like I haven't had before. I don't know whether I just ate too much at work a few nights ago or what, but I came home from work with this awful feeling in my stomach, and just had the worst heartburn all day. Hubby and I went shopping at Sam's Club and things just got worse. I bought a sprite to try and ease the fire that had started in my chest, but it didn't help much. By the time I got home I was worshipping the throne in the bathroom. Not fun. I do have to say that I felt much better afterward. Guess there just isn't as much room in my tummy as before... things must be getting squashed in there now.

As evidenced by this post at 4am, I can't sleep either. Insomnia is setting in....again. I'm fortunate that as of right now, I'm still only waking up about once a night to pee, but that one time comes right smack in the middle of the night... afterwards, I can NEVER FALL BACK TO SLEEP. Like right now.... I woke up at 3:15 and just laid in bed staring at the ceiling for a half hour, listening to my hubby snore, before I got fed up and came out here in the living room to waste time on the computer. Ugh.

Anyway, enough griping.

Baby Aly has been alot more active lately... and her kicks are getting much stronger. I've read that babies may START moving head down around this time, but that it doesn't always happen yet. She still seems to be doing somersaults in there. I still get that feeling in my belly like you get when an elevator stops suddenly, and your stomach seems to go to your chest. THAT feeling. That's usually when she's rolling around like a mad woman. I still feel tap dancing on my bladder, though lastnight I felt movement up near my ribs AND down low at the same time. She must have been punching and kicking at the same time :-) So I can't really figure out where her head and feet are yet. I've come to the conclusion that the answer still is "all over the place."

In other news... yesterday after we went shopping, I felt so crappy I had to take a nap. I woke up and had a message on my answering machine from the nurse practitioner at my OB's office. Unfortunately, it was 5:30 and the office was closed, so I couldn't call her back to see what she wanted. She told me just to call her this morning sometime. I have no idea what she wants... the only thing I can think of is that it's about my 1-hour glucola results. I hope things turned out ok. The thing is, they have never called me if my results are negative or within normal limits, so I hope this isn't bad news that I failed it. That would royally suck, because I don't want to have to do the 3 hour GTT. Plus, now that my husband's a diabetic, I've been checking my blood sugars occasionally, and they've NEVER been high, even after eating. So we'll see.

Well, I'm gonna try laying back down now. Wish me luck.

Friday, March 16, 2007

26 weeks

26 weeks today!

Baby Aly has been doing great. I notice a lot of kicks about halfway between my belly button and my ribs! It's so weird to start feeling the kicks up higher now, instead of very low.

This weekend I have SO MUCH to do, baby-wise! Tomorrow morning I have to get my 1-hour Glucola done, so I want to wake up pretty early to do that. I was supposed to get it done earlier in the week, but I wasn't feeling all that great. The nurse at the office told me any time this week is fine to get it done, so I'm good.

Also this weekend, My husband and I are supposed to go get the crib, and tomorrow my parents and I are going to finish my registry at Walmart. I already did my registry at Babies R Us, so I'm halfway finished! My parents want to buy my stroller/carseat travel system, so they want to see which one I like. It'll be nice having them with me too, when I register. My mom is getting SOOOOOO excited about everything. Well, everyone is, but her the most!

I got a coupon in the mail from the Children's Place yesterday... I definitely made good use of it today! It's a "$10 off a $30 purchase" coupon. I went on the website and ordered a few cute dresses, a pair of jeans, a little sunhat, and a pair of white sandals!! I couldn't help it. I have no self-control where baby clothes are concerned. Even though I KNOW I have a baby shower coming up in a month and a half!!

Also, today there was a book sale at the hospital. After my shift was over, I went downstairs to check it out, and they had TONS of adorable baby/kids books. I bought a few thicker books with bedtime story collections, and one I bought was a Mother Goose one. It has a moon that lights up in the middle of the book, and Mother Goose talks and tells the stories. When the book is closed, she says Goodnight.:-) Too cute. I couldn't help but get those books too!!! I figure I'm going to be reading ALOT to our baby, so I might as well start my collection now!

Well, that's about it for now. Gotta go do some house cleaning. FUN! (yeah right.)

Friday, March 09, 2007


Wow.... 15 weeks to go! (Maybe!) It's so hard to believe. In less than 4 months I will be holding our little baby girl in my arms!!

She had me a little scared a few days ago, though! I don't know whether I just wasn't paying good enough attention or what, but I didn't feel her move much for a few days. Just little taps here and there. I was starting to freak out to my husband... he goes, "Honey, don't worry! She's just taking a break." I know babies have their calm days just like us, but it still made me worry. She was moving around alot yesterday though... lots of kicks to the bladder again too! (ouch!) Today she's been moving around on and off too, so I feel much better!!! She must have just worn herself out. Plus, I know she's running out of room in there, so that contributes to kicking less too! The thing is, now she may not kick as much, but she can deliver some WHOMPS in there too! She kicked right next to my belly button so hard yesterday it made me jump! Maybe she's in training to play soccer now.

Not much else going on lately... I have that one hour glucola on Tuesday, which | think will turn out fine. I've been checking my blood sugar with hubby's glucometer, and in the morning it's been in the low to mid 80's. I ate a PB&J the other day and checked it afterwards, and it had only gone to 101, never any higher than that... so that's a relief.

OH... and it occurred to me the other day that I REALLY need to get the ball rolling regarding registering for my baby shower! My shower is going to be May 5th (the soonest opening they had at the place where I want it... i wanted it in April). My mom wants to send my invitations out by the last week of the month, so I really need to get started on all this. A few of my friends who have babies have offered to go registering with me... they said they can help me pick things out according to what I truly need and will use the most versus what I only THINK I will need and probably won't use. So that will be a big help! Hubby already told me that he doesn't care if I take care of the registry... I don't think he has the patience for something like that! For our wedding, I just let him help with the big stuff. The little stuff, I took care of. I know he would be pacing around and getting upset waiting while I attempt to decide between 50 different types of bottles or baby blankets! He has very little patience where being in ANY store for more than 20 minutes is concerned. Are all guys like that?! :-)

Well, that's it for now. Have a great day :-)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Wow...sorry about the lack of posting over the past (almost) few weeks. Alot has been going on, the biggest thing being the fact that my husband was just diagnosed with diabetes.... that was a big shocker, and so that's been the priority lately--getting things in order where he's concerned. His mom developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with him, so he was naturally already at risk for it. Over the past few weeks, he's just hasn't been feeling like himself... he's been tired, headachy, and been drinking water like crazy. At first he blamed it on the fact that he was plowing/salting, and gets all kinds of salt in his mouth when loading trucks up, etc... but things never got any better. Over the past 5 days, the symptoms just increased and our friend (whose boyfriend is diabetic) brought their glucometer over and checked my husband's sugar... it was 326. That day, he was drinking like crazy, peeing like crazy, and had blurred vision. We went to ER and he was started on medication... we go to an endocrinologist tomorrow for his first appointment and then hopefully he can start getting back to normal.

So THAT'S what's been going on. Needless to say, it's caused a major lifestyle change on his AND my part. I never realized all the CRAP we buy at the grocery store that really isn't all that healthy. Plus, now that I'm pregnant and could possibly get gestational diabetes, I really need to be careful too. We've been reading alot of information about diabetes, and figuring out what he can and can't have. I've paid more attention to carb content in foods during the past weekend than I have in all my life! It's amazing how many foods you THINK are healthy, but when you're diabetic, they aren't so healthy. Things we'd normally buy, we just had to pass up. I told him that at least this is teaching BOTH of us how to eat healthy.

I go for my 1 hour Glucola test on 3/13... I'm REALLY looking forward to drinking that overly-sweet orange drink. Um, yeah. After that, I have to go to Pre-admission testing for my anesthesia consult. I guess they'll be discussing my options regarding anesthesia during labor, whether I want an epidural (YES!) or to go natural. (NO!) I have zero pain tolerance, or I'd consider going natural. I give major kudos to mommies who go natural. My worst fear is getting to the hospital too late in labor, and not being able to get an epidural. Hell, I get extremely lightheaded and about pass out with bad period cramps, so I can only imagine what I'd be like during labor without any pain meds.


Dealing with little Aly, she's doing great. Moving around like crazy in there. We were playing a little game the other day... I started feeling her kick and figured I was home alone so I'd just talk my baby talk to my belly and see if Alyson reacted to me.

I felt her kick, and pressed down on my belly where she had kicked. She kicked back. Next, I started talking to her, and with each syllable, I'd press on my belly at the same time. I kept saying "Hi Aly" and "I love you Aly" and she went CRAZY! It's as if she felt me tapping on my belly and KNEW I was talking to her. This went on for about 5 minutes, and it had me cracking up. After that, I quit talking and she settled down and was quiet too. All the sudden, I started pressing on my belly and talking again, and there came the kicks, one after another! I love it. Nothing like some baby bonding time...hehe.

Not much else going on, pregnancy-wise. Just enjoying feeling my little one moving all around...not to mention watching my tummy get bigger! I've only gained about 10 pounds so far, and the doctor said I'm doing everything right. My belly is measuring right on target too... it's hard to believe my uterus is about 2 inches above my belly button already! I feel Aly kicking up there all the time. :-) I love all the new feelings and changes going on... something new every week, it seems!

Last but not least... updates on nursery pictures. Here's the progress I've made so far:

Pic of some of the furniture in the room. We still have to buy our crib...

And this is a close-up pic of the letters I bought for on the wall:

Once we get the crib, we'll just have last-minute things to do in there... things are coming along :-)
Well, back to watching Extreme Makeover! More later...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

22w5d- Nursery time!

I went shopping last week and FINALLY found a crib set I like. I don't have a pic of it, sorry... I did a search for the set online, but it must be a discontinued set because I can't find it anywhere. It's made by Kidsline, and I got it at Sears... I checked both websites for a pic, but no luck :-(

Anyway, the set is called "Heavenly Hearts" and is a quilt-type pattern. On the comforter and bumper, one square is pink and white gingham, another is little tiny rosebuds, another is purple and white gingham, and another has a cute little heart with flowers on it. (If that gives you SOME idea of what it looks like!) The mobile has little white and pink teddy bears holding either a pink or purple heart. It's adorable. I can't wait to get everything set up!

Since I finally have the crib set, I set out to look for paint and wall border to match it. I found THE cutest border at Lowe's, made by Disney. It's edged in pink, with purple bows that look like a big bow swag all around the room. I did my painting last night, and put the wall border up this morning. Here are pics of the nursery in progress :-)

This one has my boxers Cody and Lucy in it... they barely left my side during all this decorating, and ended up with pink paint on their fur as a result :-)

In other baby-related news... little Aly has been kicking like crazy, more each day it seems! She's not usually that active during the morning, but today she must be practicing for her black belt in karate! Maybe she's just excited that mommy finally started on her bedroom. Yeah, that must be it. Hehe...

Well, that's all for now.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

21w5d: I FELT IT!

This morning was kind of a pregnancy milestone, you could say!

Around 4am (yeah, another night of insomnia), I was laying back in the recliner watching tv, when I felt little Alyson kicking me to the right of my belly button. Every few seconds, there was another kick. I put my hands on my belly, figuring I still wouldn't be able to feel the kick from the outside, when I felt a big WHOMP against the palm of my hand. I swear, I was grinning from ear to ear. It was THE neatest feeling to be able to feel those kicks with my hands. She kept on kicking and when I took my hands off my belly and just kept an eye on that very spot, I actually saw my belly move too!!!! Amazing.

She really hasn't been kicking much during the day today, but that seems to be the usual. Just another reason I believe she's a night owl like mommy... she must have all her energy late at night and veeeeeery early into the morning. Seems she's on her mommy's sleep cycle too!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I just got home from work. I'm bloated.... my legs are swollen.... and my pants DEFINITELY don't fit me anymore. I didn't make it to the uniform store yet to get new scrubs for work, so I've been getting by these past 3 nights by keeping my pants right below my belly.As a result of that, my pants sag all down and I've been walking on them for 3 nights. Not fun.

Man, I could really use a foot massage right now...


Baby Alyson has been kicking like CRAZY these past few nights. I've been reading on websites that the baby can respond to his/her mom's voice by this point in time. Well, at work we tape report on our patients for the following shift, and when I was taping my report, Aly was just kicking and kicking and kicking away while I was talking. (Kinda like right now... she must like the Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats cereal I just ate. hehe...)

Not much else to talk about... just wanted to post real quick. Hopefully I make it to the uniform place soon. I was hoping to go today, but it's snowing like crazy here. We're supposed to get up to 9 inches by tomorrow morning. There goes the whole idea of going baby crib/bedding shopping too. For a few days, anyway.

Well, baby and I are off to take a little nap. I'll update again soon :-)

Friday, February 09, 2007

21 weeks

Hello :-) Wow, I didn't realize a whole week went by without a new post.

Here's a recap of the week... last Sunday my husband and I went shopping and bought our baby furniture! We found the set up around Youngstown, and were esctatic to find that a local furniture place had it too! We ended up getting the bedroom furniture locally... it's sooooo cute and girly. It's actually 'kid' furniture... we figured we'd get something that the baby can grow up with. It's white with pine accents... the set is called "Blossoms." At the top of each piece are small pink painted flowers and ribbons. Here's a picture:

We ended up buying the full bed instead of a twin, the dresser/mirror combo (which we'll use as the changing table), the 4 drawer chest, and the nightstand. I can't wait to see it all in the baby's room!

We plan on going to Burlington Coat Factory soon and picking out the crib. We saw a few there that we like, so we have some ideas so far :-) We also think we found bedding we like. We're about 90% sure it's what we'll use. It's called Dream Teddy, and the colors are sage green and ivory. Part of me wants pink though, so we'll see. Here's a pic of the bedding...

As for me, I can't believe I'm already 21 weeks!! Today I did a lot of house cleaning, and now I'm feeling it. I've been having dull cramping all day, which aches down my right thigh. It's that dull aching I had when I first found out I was pregnant... kinda like the "aunt flo is coming soon" cramps. It's nothing that concerns me too much... just feels like everything's stretching. My belly's definitely popped out more! I've been feeling the baby move like crazy too, more and more over the past week. She's given me a few good whomps in the belly too! I still can't feel it from the outside though... still waiting for that.

Other than that, nothing else going on pregnancy-wise. Just wanted to give a little update. Night!

Friday, February 02, 2007

20 weeks- HALF COOKED!

Well, today is the HALF WAY POINT! I am officially halfway through my pregnancy!!!

As of now, I feel great. I've been feeling the baby kick a little more, mostly late at night into the morning. I've worked the past three nights, and lastnight I didn't really feel the baby during the day....but come midnight, she was moving around every so often until about 2am. I just still can't wait until my husband can feel the kicks too. The other night I was laying on the couch and said, "Oooh... she's kicking me" and I felt bad because my husband goes, "Can I feel??" and I said, "No, honey.. I can't feel anything from the outside yet, I've tried." So we're still waiting.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to get to the uniform store-- QUICK! I'm getting too big for my britches. I went to put on my work scrubs Tuesday night and the waistband is getting pretty tight against me. Luckily once I sat down for awhile they stretched out a bit... I was worried there for a little while, and thought I'd have to get some surgical scrubs from the hospital so my butt could fit in them!! haha So that's on the priority list this weekend--- new scrub pants!

Speaking of my growing belly... BOY, IS IT!! When I lay on my back, you can REALLY tell.. my belly's this little oval hump. It's so amazing to see the changes taking place with me. Some good, some not so good though! The other day I was looking in the mirror and I noticed a few tiny pink marks on the left underside of my belly, and I'm reeeeeeeally hoping it's not the beginning of a stretch mark. I know that if I'm gonna get them, I'm gonna get them, but you can bet the first thing I did this morning was go out and buy some Palmer's Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream!! I'll be slathering THAT on from now on, you betcha! Thankfully though, no other signs of stretch marks for now. My mom didn't get any, so I'm hoping I inherited THAT from her!

That's all for the new signs/symptoms of the week.... :-) I still have a voracious appetite, and get cravings here and there. I went to the grocery store this morning and while shopping (after work and HUNGRY, no less), I had cravings for all sorts of things. Things I never looked twice at before, I'm now thinking, "Hmmmm.... that sounds pretty good now!" This mornings cravings consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich (which I plan to make shortly), and ICE CREAM. That's my one guilty pleasure lately. I've been trying to eat healthy (lots of fruit and veggies as snacks) but the ice cream aisle was calling my name this morning, so I had to give in and buy some! :-)

Alright, off to do some (MORE) cleaning. I'm off for about 4 days, and it's snowing like crazy right now, so I figure I'll take advantage of the weather and stay in with my friends Pledge, Windex and Lysol. (Sounds like FUN, I know!)

Monday, January 29, 2007


Today I had yet another prenatal checkup. Everything's going great... I gained 2 pounds since my appointment 2 weeks ago, so I'm pretty much averaging 1 pound a week which is good. :-) That makes about 7 pounds so far. If I keep up the 1 pound a week thing from here on out, I'll be around the 25-27 pound mark. But you never know how things will go. Right now appetite-wise I feel like I could eat a horse, but who knows how I'll feel later on in the pregnancy.

I went over my mom and dad's today, and my mom and I went up to see my cousin and her little baby girl. Holding her baby just made me more excited for my little one to arrive! She is sooooo cute... I can't wait til our little girls can have playdates, and all of us can take little shopping trips together. But that's way down the road yet... :-)

My mom gave me a few things she and my dad bought for the baby... they got her a cute little plush doll with brown hair-- she has little bangs and ponytails tied with little pink ribbons. My mom said my dad picked it out... I KNOW it reminded him of me, because when I was little I had dark brown hair, with straight little bangs and wore ponytails alot. He's all sentimental now that his little girl is having a little girl... it cracks me up. Gotta love him.

Also, they got me a photo album for the baby... it's pink with little ribbons and says "Little Princess" on it. It's adorable... and I'm sure I can never have too many photo albums when this little one arrives!

Yeah, she's getting spoiled already... :-)

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Just over the past few days, I've really started to become uncomfortable. The other day, I thought, "Wow, I am feeling so great lately." Then THIS happens. Aching... muscle pains... ugh.

I am uncomfortable sitting AND laying down. When I am just sitting up on the couch (like right now), I get these aches/pains under my breasts, in my ribs. I don't know whether it's because my growing uterus is slowly forcing everything upward or what. My uterus is only at my belly button... can it really do that ALREADY?!?! But MAN it hurts. It's like the ache and pain lightswitch was turned on all the sudden. One day I'm fine, the next I ache all over.

Sleeping has been affected too. Getting comfortable in bed is a CHORE. I have a body pillow which DOES help a little... but it's still hard to find THE right spot. Even when I lay down in bed, I still have those aches in my ribs. I turn to the side,the rib pains go away, but my back aches. I push a pillow under my back, then my ribs start hurting again. I can't win.

It just sucks knowing I have another 5 months of aching, which will probably only get worse as my belly grows... :-/ I keep telling myself "It'll all be worth it in the end...."

Friday, January 26, 2007

19 weeks

Well, today I did it. I bought my FIRST BABY GIRL CLOTHES. I couldn't help it. I saw a sales rack with lots of adorable baby dresses, and I couldn't resist. I bought the little one THE cutest christmas-type dress. It is black velvet on the top and red on the bottom, with tiny rosebuds around the neck and little red baby bloomers. My description doesn't do it justice. And the best part? It was on sale for $7. Also, I got her a few sundress outfits in 0-3months, since it'll be June when she's born. I saw some other things, but figured I'd better stop since I DO have another 5 months of shopping ahead of me yet.

I also bought a Bebe Sounds monitor... it was $20, but I'm not sure yet if it's worth it. The box says that you can hear the heartbeat as early as the middle of the 2nd trimester, but today I heard a bunch of nothing. The only things I heard were the sounds I was making while trying to hold the thing against my belly. Maybe it's just too early... I'll have to keep trying.

Well, that's it for now. I worked lastnight, so I'm off to take a nap.

Oh,one more thing... I keep getting these odd feelings around my bladder. Like a big tap, then nothing. Then a tap, then nothing. I don't know whether it's spasms (never had those before), or whether my little girl is a future karate champion and is somehow kicking me right there. It feels weird though, I'll tell you that.

On that note... nap time.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Today we went to Pittsburgh for Genetic Counseling and my Level II ultrasound. We most definitely found out the sex.

Without a doubt.........

She gave us the "money shot" right away. No boy parts between THOSE legs, I'll tell ya!

The Level II ultrasound was so neat.... the lady measured every little thing on the baby. We got to see the face up close, the hands, feet, and even the ventricles of the brain and the valves of the heart. It was amazing and I could have watched that screen forever. The baby flipped over halfway through the ultrasound and was kicking her little legs... it was so cute! I couldn't feel the kicks at that point, but I can only imagine what I'll be feeling when she gets bigger and stronger!

Well, I'll write more later. It's been a long busy day, and I'm WORN OUT.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Not many changes to talk about...except for one.

YEEEEEEEEEEEOW, the girls are starting to hurt again! They are sooooooo sensitive!!!The slightest thing rubbing against them makes me cringe. I have told my husband to stay away from them, as he's been obsessed with them lately. (TMI, but hey, it's the truth.)

I didn't feel the baby move much throughout the day yesterday, but wasn't worried all that much. I just figured I hadn't been paying a lot of attention to the little flutters. Yesterday I fell asleep around 10pm or so, then woke up around 2am and couldn't fall back to sleep. I got up and came into the living room and perused all the nursery bedding online. All the sudden, the little one woke up and WOW was he/she moving alot. I'd feel some teeny tiny little taps, as if baby was saying, "Hi mom!I'm awake now! Pick me out some cute stuff!" That went on for about 15 minutes or so, then baby fell back to sleep. It's just such an amazing feeling once you know for a fact that it's the baby moving and not something else! Sometimes it feels like little fluttering in there, other times tiny taps. And you know how your stomach feels all weird when you're on an elevator and it goes to stop? I get that sometimes too... only everything is situated right below my belly button. No matter what I feel, it always puts a smile on my face!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Just got back from my doctor's appointment...everything went well! They asked if I've been having any more bleeding or anything... I told them things have been great. (knock on wood!) I really do feel the best that I have since getting pregnant.

The baby's heartbeat was beating strong as ever, though the little one kept moving all around while the lady was trying to count the heartbeat with the doppler! I have a little acrobat in there, for sure! I'm feeling more and more flutters over the past few days, too!!

I've gained 1 more pound since last week... that makes a total of 5 so far. Upon hearing I've gained another pound, the nurse practitioner goes, "Good girl!" hehe... sounds like I'm right on track.

They still don't have my MSAFP result back... it's been a week today. I told them that my husband and I go for genetic counseling the 23rd, and that I'll be having the Level II ultrasound done the same day. They want me to come back in for another appointment in two weeks just so we can talk about how everything went in Pittsburgh, and to make sure things are ok. After that, hopefully I'm back to having appointments just monthly again... I feel like I've been living at my OB doc's office lately!

Well, I'm gonna take a little nap. I worked night turn lastnight, so I've had to force myself to stay awake. Not an easy task for a mommy-to-be! So.... goodnight. :-)

Saturday, January 13, 2007


This morning I'm noticing more of those little faint flutters... it pretty much feels like the little one is doing sommersaults in my tummy. I LOVE IT! It is definitely the neatest feeling in the world. :-)

Not much else to write about right now... just wanted to add this in here real quick. :-)

Friday, January 12, 2007

17 weeks

I called the genetic counselor in Pittsburgh and set my husband and I up for an appointment. The lady told me, “You’ve been referred to us for genetic counseling and amniocentesis. I said, “Um… yeah, the genetic counseling, but I’m not sure about the amnio. I’d rather go the conservative route and do an ultrasound first and then take it from there.”

I then told her that I had my MSAFP screening done this past Monday and that I haven’t heard back about the results yet. We then talked about the relevant medical history on my side and my husband’s. She told me that they will be needing medical records from my cousin and our niece so they will know exactly what we’re dealing with. So now I have to get a hold of my aunt and brother-in-law, find out where they went for treatment for the kids, and get them to sign releases of medical info and all that crap. Fun fun.

Anyway… so then she goes, “Ok… so we’ll set up you up for genetic counseling and do a Level II ultrasound.” (One where they go and measure EVERY LITTLE THING.) I asked, “So will both of those be done in the same day?” and she said yes.

So do you know what that means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS????

Instead of waiting until I’m 23 weeks (I’m 17w today) to have the “Big Ultrasound” done, I get to find out what the sex of the baby is OVER A MONTH EARLIER!!!! YAY!!!! We go Tuesday January 23rd at 1:45pm. I can’t wait! But like I said, I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I just want everything to go alright with this ultrasound. If some red flags are raised during the ultrasound (God forbid), I don’t know if I’ll go through with an amniocentesis. That’s a bridge I’ll cross if or when we get there.
I just keep hoping and praying everyday that my little one is happy and healthy!!!

(Oh, and I called my OB office today and connected directly to the Nurse practitioner's extension, so I could tell her about my appointment date. I left a message on her voicemail, and said for her to call me back if she has any other questions. I haven't heard anything back, so I'm guessing that's what the message on my machine was about yesterday.) :-)


I'm a little worried now... though it might be over nothing.

You see, my OB doc has been asking me and my husband about genetic counseling. We are going to go to a hospital in Pittsburgh to meet with a genetic counselor. Well, I had an appointment this past Monday, and the nurse practitioner asked me if the lady from Pittsburgh had contacted me yet. I said "Yes, I got a message from her before the weekend... I'm waiting on my new work schedule to come out, and then I'm going to give her a call." The NP said for me to call her at the office and let her know exactly when my husband and I are going to go.

Anyway, I got my new schedule Tuesday night, then had to work again Wednesday night. I slept most of the day Wednesday--seems I need all the sleep I can get lately. I talked with my husband a little yesterday, and he goes, "I don't think we need to do that." I told him, "Well, I think I'm going to call that lady in Pittsburgh and set up something for early Monday or something, if she can get us in."


How I said I worked Wednesday night... I slept from about noon to 4:30pm Thursday afternoon. I called my mom and we talked for over an hour.... I didn't check the answering machine until after that, and noticed it was blinking. When I checked the messages, there was one from my OB doctor's office. It sounded like the secretary's voice. So now I don't know what to think. I don't know whether it's nothing major and they're just calling to check on whether I made a genetic counseling appointment, or whether they're calling me back to tell me about my MSAFP result. I really hope it's not the MSAFP, you know? I'm SO hoping it's negative. I've already braced myself for the fact that it may be positive, just because it happens to so many people.... so I'm not going to worry TOO much. I've made my mind up though... if the result IS positive, I'll go the conservative route and go have that in-depth ultrasound in Pittsburgh to check things out further... but I AM NOT having an amniocentesis. Like I said before, if something's wrong, it's wrong, and no amniocentesis (which could put me at slight risk for miscarriage, no less) is going to change that. I don't want someone sticking a needle in there and something bad happening because of it.

I've just heard so many stories from people who had positive MSAFP's and then had amniocentesis' that STILL said there was something wrong... and the babies came out FINE! A guy I went to high school with had a child who was 'supposed' to be a Down's baby according to the amnio and all that, and the baby is perfect. One of my coworkers was told she should terminate her pregnancy (this was years ago)because her son was going to be born with severe birth defects... and he was born perfectly fine. I'm not going to put myself through undue stress over what might be nothing. If something's wrong, we'll deal with it. Abortion is NEVER an option for us, and I'm not going to rely on some test that might be wrong in the end.

I just hope that this MSAFP result comes back negative. I'm beginning to think I should have gone with my first thought and not had it done at all.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Maybe it's just my imagination, but I *think* I felt a little something last night when I was laying in bed.... I had both hands on my belly, just kinda feeling around. All the sudden, I swear I felt this little tiny tap on the back of my hand. I told my husband and he goes, "Isn't it a little early?" I told him that around 16 weeks you can start feeling quickening, so who knows. I'm sticking with the fact that it was our baby in there!

When I was feeling around on my belly, it seems like the left side is a little harder... I wonder if the baby is more to that side, and that's what I'm feeling. The right side of my belly is alot softer. Maybe it's due to the fact that I tend to sleep on my right side. The baby probably doesn't like feeling smashed in there? heh... you never know. Yet another thing I wonder about.

Not much else to tell about... my appetite is back with a vengeance,though I still have to force myself to eat sometimes. Odd, I know. While grocery shopping the other day, I had this sudden craving for Tostitos and Salsa con queso. A little spicy, yes... and that's not me! I'm more of a mild kinda girl. But darn, I could kill a jar of that stuff right now. Weird. Not to mention, the hubby likes it too, so we're gonna be competing for the rest of the jar. And the pregnant girl better win. haha....

I find myself checking my belly out in the mirror everytime I'm in the bathroom... it's just such an amazing feeling knowing that there's a little tiny person growing in there. It's finally hitting home that "Wow, in a little over 5 months, I'm going to have a baby." I've been checking out the baby bedding sites and all kinds of pregnancy sites... I get more excited with each day.

Well, I'm going to go spend some time with my husband... have a great day :-)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Today I had my follow-up appointment with my OB doc. Everything went well. Mommy put on a few pounds since the last appointment... that makes 3 pounds total for my entire pregnancy so far. I wore maternity jeans for the first time today, and I must say that they are VERY comfortable! It's a relief not to have my jeans digging into my waistline. I'm finally starting to FEEL pregnant too... my belly is so tender and bending down in the shower to shave my legs this morning was a little uncomfortable... I had to lean to the side a bit!

But back to my appointment...

At the office, the nurse heard the fetal heart tones right away, still beating away in the 150's-160's. We laughed because the baby kept moving around away from the doppler. The nurse had to keep repositioning the doppler again and again in order to hear the heartbeat for a long period of time. My little one must not have appreciated getting poked at by that doppler! I'm still waiting to feel the baby moving around in there... hopefully within the next few weeks I'll start feeling those 'flutters.'

I go Monday morning for my MSAFP. I'm a little anxious about it, just because those come back as false positives so often. It just happened to one of my coworkers not too long ago... her reading came back positive so she was all worried something was wrong with the baby. She went to get an amniocentesis (which I'm hoping to avoid!!)and everything was fine. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed all goes well Monday.

The doctor also wants my husband and I to go to genetic counseling because I had a cousin who died of a severe form of mental retardation, and on my husband's side there is a niece who had a rare form of eye cancer. My husband and I discussed it, and we are a little on the fence where this is all concerned. The way we see it, if something is wrong, it's wrong. Abortion is NO option for us. To me, genetic counseling doesn't make sense right now since I'm already pregnant... it would be better if we were only just planning to get pregnant.


So I don't know. The genetic counseling will be a one-time thing, and they'll just tell us all the 'what if's'... what to do IF something is wrong, how to deal with it, what our chances are of there being something wrong, etc. I suppose that yes, it'll be helpful, but it just seems like something you should do BEFORE you get pregnant. If anyone reading this has had to get genetic counseling, when did you do it? In the planning stages, or during pregnancy?

Well I'm off to watch some tv and relax a bit. Have a good night!