Friday, February 09, 2007

21 weeks

Hello :-) Wow, I didn't realize a whole week went by without a new post.

Here's a recap of the week... last Sunday my husband and I went shopping and bought our baby furniture! We found the set up around Youngstown, and were esctatic to find that a local furniture place had it too! We ended up getting the bedroom furniture locally... it's sooooo cute and girly. It's actually 'kid' furniture... we figured we'd get something that the baby can grow up with. It's white with pine accents... the set is called "Blossoms." At the top of each piece are small pink painted flowers and ribbons. Here's a picture:

We ended up buying the full bed instead of a twin, the dresser/mirror combo (which we'll use as the changing table), the 4 drawer chest, and the nightstand. I can't wait to see it all in the baby's room!

We plan on going to Burlington Coat Factory soon and picking out the crib. We saw a few there that we like, so we have some ideas so far :-) We also think we found bedding we like. We're about 90% sure it's what we'll use. It's called Dream Teddy, and the colors are sage green and ivory. Part of me wants pink though, so we'll see. Here's a pic of the bedding...

As for me, I can't believe I'm already 21 weeks!! Today I did a lot of house cleaning, and now I'm feeling it. I've been having dull cramping all day, which aches down my right thigh. It's that dull aching I had when I first found out I was pregnant... kinda like the "aunt flo is coming soon" cramps. It's nothing that concerns me too much... just feels like everything's stretching. My belly's definitely popped out more! I've been feeling the baby move like crazy too, more and more over the past week. She's given me a few good whomps in the belly too! I still can't feel it from the outside though... still waiting for that.

Other than that, nothing else going on pregnancy-wise. Just wanted to give a little update. Night!

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Kristen said...

FYI: It's really hard to feel the baby move from the outside unless you're lying down flat on your back. Next time she starts going crazy lay down and see if you can feel it. What's really crazy is when you can actually see it moving in there!