Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning... everything sounds like it's going great. Aly's heartbeat was nice and strong, and I'm measuring at 33 weeks! I jokingly asked the nurse, "So maybe I'll go a week early, huh?!" She said that's not always the case, though. It's still a nice thought!

I've gained 3 pounds since my last appointment. Doc told me I need to watch my carbohydrates.

(sniffle sniffle) But.... but... I love carbs! As I've said before, my major craving is cereal. And of course I eat more than the serving size specified on the side of the box. Carb city, I know. Oh, and bread. I've had such a thing for either bread and butter or grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm just gonna have to cut back... which sucks. I have, IDEALLY, 2 more pounds I can gain before the baby's born... 4 at the most. This is gonna be rough... lol. I go back in 2 weeks, so we'll find out then if I've done a good job.

But anyway.... enough talk about that or I'm gonna get sad. :-P

I called the place where I'm having my baby shower (oops, almost wrote BRIDAL!) and gave them an approximate total of guests that are coming. He told me that I can even call him as late as the middle of next week if things change, so that's cool :-)

It's so hard to believe my shower is next weekend already! It's on May 5th. I talked with my mom today and we're going to go to a party supply shop tomorrow and get stuff for the shower... I still need more thank-you cards (we're gonna have guests address their envelopes at the shower and use that as a way to hand out prizes), and we want to buy pink and purple balloons, baby confetti, and some baby shower banners if they have them. We already have baby block centerpieces for the tables, and foil balloons in baby shapes. :-) The owner of the restaurant where I'm having the shower told me if I bring things early, they will put everything out for me. We don't have much to do though, so I'm just going to go over earlier that day and help my mom put everything out. I can't wait!

Well, that's it for now! Have a good night!

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Jenny said...

I am sure you will have an awesome shower. I loved mine and it was so cool to see all my friends and family AND get really cool baby stuff. I swear, I barely had to buy anything, they hooked us up pretty good!