Saturday, April 07, 2007


Wow, it seems like since the third trimester started, along came ALL the talked about signs/symptoms of it too.

Over the past week, I've been dealing with heartburn...ALOT. I think I should buy stock in Tums now! I had to leave work early the other morning because I was so sick to my stomach. I've never had heartburn before, but now it's come in full force.

Also, I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions! I've read so much about people experiencing them, but didn't think I was having them myself. Lastnight I really noticed it though. We were out shopping and my stomach just felt tense all over and very hard...kinda achy too. Then after a few minutes I was fine. That happened a few times afterwards too. None today so far though. I read that they can be due to dehydration or drinking caffeine though... so I've been trying to keep hydrated and drink more water. Come to think of it, i DID drink iced tea with dinner beforehand :-/

Anyway, nothing much else to talk about. My little soccer player/karate master is still kicking away in there. I'm beginning to think she just might BE head down, or getting that way, because her movements seem stronger up near my ribs. When I lay on either side at night, she kicks the opposite side near my ribs like crazy. I just lay my hand up there and watch it jump up and down!


In other news.... my shower is in ONE MONTH! Actually LESS than one month! I can't wait! We just got our Pack 'N Play in the mail from my husband's aunt and uncle who live in Virginia. It matches our travel system and the highchair and swing we registered for too! :-)

Hubby's mom came over the other day and wanted to see the progress we've (well, I'VE) made on the nursery so far. We were upstairs looking at everything, and she noticed we had gotten a mattress for the kid bed we have in the room. She goes, "Oh, have you picked out bedding yet?" I told her that I had some bedding I loved in the JCPenney catalog. She goes, "Oh really? Well if you'd like, I can buy THAT for you for your shower!" I showed it to her, and she ended up buying the whole bedding set for us... the comforter, bed skirt, and pillow sham, and she also bought two matching valances for the nursery windows! Since the colors in the room are pale pink and purple, we got the bedding in a pale lilac... it's gonna look sooooooooo cute! I can't wait to get everything in the mail, so I can get it all washed and set up in the nursery! I'll be sure and post pictures, like I've said before :-)

Well, I'm gonna get some breakfast... time to feed mommy AND baby. Have a great day!

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