Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm starting to get impatient. Not to mention MOODY! I'm just feeling kinda miserable lately.

Wow, how's that for a nice, upbeat start to a post?

I just feel like this baby is never going to come. I can't imagine how you other mommies-to-be who are approaching (or past) 40 weeks feel! I'm not even 38 weeks yet and I'm already thinking, "Bring it on, already!!!!"

I never thought I would look forward to seeing something as gross as a mucous plug in the toilet, but every time I go to the bathroom I turn around and look in the toilet hoping to see a little glimmer of hope that SOMETHING is going on 'downstairs.' It's equal to the suspense that Charlie Bucket had when opening up a candy bar in hopes of finding that golden ticket.

But sadly, nothing yet. No mucous plug. No water breaking. No golden ticket.

I know things are getting closer though, so that's good. I've been getting more and more braxton hicks, despite drinking water like a fish. Sometimes the crampiness goes to my lower back (owwwww....kinda like right now!), but those are few and far between. I'm just hoping that the pains in my back are just a signal that labor is coming soon, and not a sign that baby Aly is turned the wrong way. :-(

I just still get a heck of a lot of those sharp pains in my hoo Aly is knocking on the door of my cervix 24-7. I think she's having fun down there, thinking, "Wow, what's this?" KICK! POKE! KICK! POKE! "Cool! It makes mommy jump!"
Gotta love it. Yeah right.

I just CAN'T WAIT to see my baby girl. It seems like once 37 weeks hit, my impatience factor went off the charts. I want her out NOW! lol. Not that I don't still have some things to do before she gets here, but I'm just tired of being pregnant and want little Aly in my arms and not my belly. I'm just wondering how long my OB doc will let me go before he suggests induction or something. I just picture myself being, like, 50 weeks pregnant. LOL. Yeah, I know THAT can't happen, but that's what it feels I've been pregnant forever. In a way, I wish he would say, "OK, if you don't progress, we'll induce on this day." You know, so I at least have a DATE. So I'm not so unsure of things. Maybe if I don't progress at this next appointment, he'll suggest something. Heck, with all those sharp pains I'm getting, I'd have thought I'd be halfway dilated by now, but NOTHING. (sigh)

I guess I'm just venting now, sorry... it's just that once the back pains and the coochie pains and the worn-out feeling hit, this girl has gotten grouchy. :-P Hopefully I have some news to report SOON! :-)

(Taps on belly)- "Hey Aly... you know how last post I said that you can come out anytime? I wasn't joking. Really, you can."



Jenny said...

Hang in there Betsy!! I know it seems like the end will never get her, but when I had Chloe at 41 weeks, while I was excited to see my little girl, I must admit, I did miss being pregnant, just a little. Or at least, being still a kid-free person for just a little bit longer.

Once your little girl is here, everything changes, so hang in there for just a little longer and she will be well worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

hey betsy
i know exactly how u feel, i'm at 38 + 6 weeks and I'M FED UP of being pregnant!!!! i've been reading your blog regularly (i saw it on the nest)and have been identifiying with u throughout your pregnancy. my due date is june 13th!! i hope it will pass quickly for both of us.