Tuesday, June 19, 2007

39w4d- Emotions galore

Ever since I learned of my planned induction yesterday, I've truly been in such a DAZE, like I said in my post yesterday.

My emotions are one big rollercoaster right now. I've been sitting here in amazement, thinking how today and tomorrow are my last two childless days for the rest of my life. Not in a bad way, mind you...but it's just crazy to think about.

It's the last two days where it's just "Me and Russ." Then on Thursday once Alyson is here, our little family of 2 turns into 3, and we're responsible for this new precious little life. And EVERYTHING is going to change.

Russ and I were sitting around talking lastnight, and that's all I could think about....how much things are going to change just in a few short days. It's not going to just be about me and him anymore...and I wonder how OUR relationship will change. I'm excited for what's to come, but so incredibly nervous at the same time.


For now, I'm just trying to get last-minute things done in the house. I have this list of things I'd like to get done within the next few days, but I have absolutely NO desire to do any of it. I'm just so TIRED! I really need to get myself motivated. It figures, any other day I'm a big ball of energy lately, but now that I HAVE to get things done, I am completely worn the heck out. Come on, energy...where'd you go?!

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