Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well, I'm back home... did some shopping after my doctor's appointment.

Does anyone else feel like they wait FOREVER at the doctor's office?! My appointment was for 9:30... I waited an hour just to get called back. The nurse did the fetal heart tones, weight, BP, all that good stuff... then I waited ANOTHER half hour for the doctor to come in the room. Ugh.

Anyway, my doctor said everything came back fine with my 3 hour GTT... so yay I passed! They also did a HGBA1C on me, which came back fine also... thank goodness.

One good thing... my weight hasn't changed from last month! I only have about 5 more pounds I can gain this whole last trimester, so I'm on the right track. I've been eating healthy... lots of fruits, veggies, milk, yogurt, etc. From what I've read, the baby gains about a half pound per week. I figure I have 12 weeks left, so that's 6 more pounds... right on target :-)

Well, I'm off to go visit my parents. I'll write again soon.

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Jodi said...

I get so mad when I go to the doctor's office! I just had an appointment yesterday and sat in the waiting room for over a half an hour. Then once I go back to the room, after the nurse does her thing, I sit for another half an hour. Doc comes in and is there for a whole five most!!! She's in just long enough to measure my belly and do the heartrate. It's so frustrating to sit there for so long for something that takes so little time! Ugh!