Thursday, May 17, 2007


I had yet another doctor's appointment this morning... surprisingly I got right in and out this morning.

My blood pressure was still good, so I'm happy about that. I'm even happier about the fact that I LOST a pound since last appointment. (And I feel like all I've been doing is EATING!!) Baby is still growing right on track... I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow and I'm measuring 36.

The exam with the doc went pretty quickly. He looked at my belly and goes, "Stand up... I want to take a look at your belly. Are you really pregnant?" and laughed. It's pretty bad when my DOCTOR isn't sure if I'm pregnant by looking at I wore a white maternity top today, but I guess I didn't look all that pregnant when I was sitting down. Once I stood up and my belly very obviously made my shirt stick out, the nurse goes, "OH yeah. Look at that belly!"

So I've got a little belly. Oh well. Baby's fine, mommy's fine...that's all that matters.

One other thing though... once the doctor and nurse saw my belly, I was told to take my belly ring out soon. LOL. (Woops... they weren't supposed to see that!) I've kept it in this long and have had NO problem with it whatsoever, but the nurse goes, "We don't want anything tearing." Believe me, if my belly was about to tear, this thing would have been out a long time ago! I'm not THAT attached to it!

At the end of the appointment, doc said he wants to schedule me for AN ULTRASOUND! WOO HOO! I get to see my little girl again! I haven't had an ultrasound since my 18 week one in Pittsburgh. So next Thursday I'll find out how big my little one is, and if she's head down and ready to enter the world! I can't wait :-)

So that was my appointment.

Today I plan to just do things in the nursery, and do some laundry. But not just ANY laundry... BABY LAUNDRY! I'm on my second load of baby laundry... so far today I've washed up all her receiving blankets, burp cloths, teeny tiny little socks, caps, mittens, and some onesies, and now I've moved onto all the rest of the 0-3month clothes. I'm getting things done, slowly but surely. So why does it still feel like there's SO MUCH TO DO?!

I've started compiling a list of things I need to do....
1. Finish baby laundry
2. assemble pack n play, swing
3. put together stroller
4. carseat in car (and then figure out how the heck to use it!)
5. Get bag packed for hospital (mine AND Aly's)
6. put up curtains in nursery
7. wash up bedding for kid bed
8. Etc etc etc

5 weeks (maybe!) to do all this.... better get busy. :-P

Have a great day :-)

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Jenny said...

How exciting! You are getting so close!