Monday, June 18, 2007

39w3d-- GOOD NEWS!

Well. I'm sorta in a daze right now!

I just got back from the doctor's. I definitely have some good news! When he checked me this morning, he said, "Oh, your cervix is very soft... 100% effaced... paper thin!" He said that I'm about the same amount dilated, though (right around 1.5-2cm)

As I sat there wondering, "Ok, so what next?" he looked at me and smiled... he said, "Well, you're due Friday... do you want to wait and see whether you go into labor, or do you want to be induced?"

(I was sitting there thinking, "What... wait... WOAH!") I then laughed and told him, "Well, I am getting kinda impatient here!" He said he'd call and talk with the birth center to see what times they have available for inductions. I waited a few minutes and he came back and said, "Thursday at 8am."

THURSDAY AT 8AM! I could be holding my little Alyson in my arms on THURSDAY! AAAH!

I'm feeling tons of emotions now. Nervous...excited...happy....surprised....just, WOW. I wasn't expecting all this today. I was expecting him to tell me nothing had changed and to come back to the office again in a few days!

OH...and also this appointment, he did DEFINITELY strip my membranes. He came out and said so today. He goes, "Well, I stripped your membranes, so you could very well go into labor sooner than Thursday!" WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I'm just so happy right now. I've called everyone close to me to tell them the news. Everyone's on standby with their cell phones

It's just nice to know that if nothing happens in the meantime, I have an actual TIMEFRAME. I know at least SOMETHING is going to happen Thursday. Hopefully this induction works without any problems and Russ and I are holding our little Aly by Thursday night. I'll keep you all updated!! If something does happen before Thursday, I don't know if my hospital has wireless internet access, so I might not be able to update until I get home. I'll have to check on that one :-)

For now, I'm going to put my feet up and hopefully I'll be feeling some contractions soon or my water will break! Maybe I should go do some jumping jacks.....hmm.

Have a great day!

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Jenny said...

Isn't it great to have a date that you know you won't have to wait past?! How exciting!! I can wait to hear all about your delivery and see those pictures of your little Aly!