Sunday, October 22, 2006

5 weeks 2 days

I think I'm psyching myself out too much lately. The thing is, I feel like my pregnancy symptoms have all decreased. For one, my boobs don't hurt as much as they did before. They're just a little bit tender. I'm not getting any cramping at all. I'm not nauseated (never have been, so far), and the 'decreased appetite' thing seems to have lessened too.

I just don't know what to think about all of this. Maybe I'm just worrying too much. I'm just so scared something is going to go wrong. On the plus side though, my temps have still been up, and I haven't had any spotting/crampign either. I just spotted a little bit last night which scared the heck out of me... it was after sex though. (Sorry if that's TMI, but it just freaked me right the heck out.) I've read online that spotting after sex is normal because the cervix is sensitive and full of blood vessels now.... so that was a little reassuring.

I'm going to be calling the doctor in the morning to schedule my first prenatal appointment, so I'll find out then. I just can't wait til I have my first appointment, just so I know everything is ok. Please keep me and my little one in your prayers :-)

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