Monday, October 23, 2006

5 weeks 3 days

Today I called the doctor and made my first prenatal appointment... it's for November 7th at 9:30am. The lady I talked to said that it will be an "interview with the nurses" since it's my first appointment. She said she'll be sending me a bunch of paperwork to fill out and bring back in with me on the 7th. I should have asked her if they'll be doing an Ultrasound... she asked me how far along I am and I told her a little over 5 weeks. I'm just wondering if they will do an US since they know how far along I am?? Who knows. I just don't know whether to have my husband go with me, or whether he'll just be sitting there bored. I want him to be with me though, if they do an ultrasound. Just for moral support. :-)

Dealing with the pregnancy s/s...."The girls" still hurt and occasionally I get some cramping, but that's about it. I do feel like I have to pee 50 times after drinking the smallest thing, though! Still no nausea or anything, and my appetite is just so-so. I've been trying to eat a lot of fruit and have been drinking a lot of milk and water.

That's about it for today, can't think of anything else to write. Keep me and my little one in your prayers please!! :-)

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