Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Well, I think my morning (er, ALL DAY) sickness is starting to decrease. I still get a little queasy at times, mostly if I let myself get too hungry and don't eat practically every 2 hours. Also, 'the girls' are still sore, though not as bad.

My appetite has come back a little too (which I don't know if that's a good or BAD thing....hehe!) With it came the craving for sweets, which I'm trying to curb. This baby MUST be a girl, cause I'm fiending for chocolate.

Now, I'm just counting down the days til my sonogram. Once I see my baby and the heartbeat and I know everything's ok, things will seem so much more real and exciting. Right now I'm just in the anxious nervous phase, so I can't just relax and enjoy being pregnant. Can't wait til the nervousness and the worrying is all behind me.

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Erin MacPherson said...


Your blog is great. I'd like to quote it on Parents Connect (a national parenting website owned by MTV/Nickelodeon). Good luck with your pregnancy.