Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Monday morning around 9:30am, I woke up to a bad surprise. Red spotting. Not bright red, and not alot though. It was maroonish in color and just reminded me of the very start of a period. I wasn't having any cramping at the time. I held back tears and dialed the number of my OB doctor. I knew they had office hours in the morning, but they didn't answer. I left a voicemail explaining my situation, hopped in the shower, and received a call back from them not even 10 minutes later. They told me they could get me in for an appointment, but let me know that they see the last patient at 10:30am. I let them know that I'd be there asap. I hurried up and got dressed, dried my hair, and my husband and I left around 10:10. Thankfully it doesn't even take 15 minutes to get to the hospital.

Once I got there, the nurse checked my BP and my weight... my weight didn't change any (so only 1 pound gained so far) and my BP was good... 118/70. She then listened to fetal heart tones and heard them right away... thumping away, strong as ever. She said they sounded really good. WHAT A RELIEF. I told her, "You always find them right away." Thank goodness for her, because I would have freaked out if it took her awhile to find the heartbeat today.

The doc examined me and said things looked ok.... he sent me downstairs to lab to do a urine culture. I downed a bottle of water on my way down there since it was sprung on me and I wasn't exactly ready enough to pee in a cup! Before I left the office, he said, "No work tonight." (I was scheduled night turn 12 hours at the hospital)then said, "I want you to come back tomorrow (Tues.) for a sonogram. If things are ok, you will be able to go back to work." He wrote a note that said, "Due to pregnancy complications, no work for Betsy until further notice."

Russ and I went to the hospital and took the note to Human Resources... as I already knew she'd say, the lady there said "Well, we can't really do anything with this yet... since this is the first day, it can't be considered a leave of absence." (You have to report off for 3 days in order for it to be a leave, so I'd have to be off Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights this week in order for it to be a leave. If not, it's just a report off...) I told her I just wanted her to have a copy of the note on file just incase it turns into a leave.

I then went up to my clinical manager's office but she wasn't there. I left her a copy of the note also, and explained what went on, and that so far the "no work until further notice" only means Monday unless (heaven forbid) something goes wrong.
Last thing was calling staffing to let them know I wouldn't be in... they were really understanding and said just to let them know tomorrow if things change.

I just want these scares to stop. I already had to have a leave of absence a few weekends ago due to cramping...then last Thursday was the brown spotting, and now this. All day long today I've just rested. I've been having occasional sharp pains in the middle of my pelvis, pretty much the center of my uterus... they come and go, but some of them make me stop in my tracks if I'm up. Now, I know the feeling of the "round ligament" pains, but this is different. These pains are just sharp and mostly situated in the middle, not the sides. Oh, and also I've had a lot of the "pulling, stretching" feelings in my belly... probably just all due to stretching but who knows. I just hope I don't have a tear in my placenta or something. THe good thing is that the spotting let up by mid morning and as of now, it's faint faint brown at times, other times there's nothing at all.

So this starting my day, topped off by the fact that the hubby and I ordered pizza last evening that totally didn't agree with me... and it makes for a wonderful night. Hence why I'm still awake. My stomach is in knots, I'm dry heaving and worshiping the toilet, and I have chills. No fever though...98.6. Oh, how much fun this is.

I'll update on what happens with the ultrasound later in the morning. All prayers would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.


Kristen said...

Hey Sweetie,

I'm sad to hear you've been having so many scares. I'll be praying for you as usual. Let us know how the ultrasound goes.


Anonymous said...

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