Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well, things went well at the ultrasound this morning. As well as can be expected I guess. The good news is that everything is fine and dandy with the baby. He/she wasn't moving as much as last time though, just the hands and occasionally the feet were dancing around.

The sonographer said that the baby is growing normally and is right up to date for how far along I am. She said the fluid was fine, and that she just wanted to look around to see why I had been bleeding. She checked my ovaries and they were fine, then checked the cervix and said it was fine too. She said there wasn't as much fluid around the cervix as with my first ultrasound, so that was probably the cause of last week's brownish spotting.

She then looked at the placenta and said it was more than likely the culprit of my current spotting. She pointed at the edge of the placenta and said that a tiny little bit was close to the cervix. She said it will heal itself and that it won't turn into placenta previa or anything, so that was a big relief.

Once the ultrasound was over, she gave me 8 pictures of the little one... lots of pics of the now-more-proportional face and side views. My husband was excited and asked, "So can you tell what the baby is yet??" and the lady said, "Well, not really since things are so small, but we'll take a look here..." She got to where we could see the baby's behind and feet, and said, "Well... there MIGHT be something..." and enlarged a section of the picture to show what MIGHT be little boy parts. But it's so blurry you really can't tell much yet. That got my husband soooooooooo excited. I'm still secretly hoping for a girl, but with all I've gone through so far, I'll take a boy OR girl as long as it's healthy.

Since this morning I was slightly cramping and still spotting (though faint brown now),along with having even more of those sharp twinges, the doc wants me to rest until they see me next, which is December 27. So now I'm on yet another leave of absence from work til then.

I just want all the drama to be over so I can truly start to enjoy this pregnancy rather than worrying 24-7.

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