Monday, January 29, 2007


Today I had yet another prenatal checkup. Everything's going great... I gained 2 pounds since my appointment 2 weeks ago, so I'm pretty much averaging 1 pound a week which is good. :-) That makes about 7 pounds so far. If I keep up the 1 pound a week thing from here on out, I'll be around the 25-27 pound mark. But you never know how things will go. Right now appetite-wise I feel like I could eat a horse, but who knows how I'll feel later on in the pregnancy.

I went over my mom and dad's today, and my mom and I went up to see my cousin and her little baby girl. Holding her baby just made me more excited for my little one to arrive! She is sooooo cute... I can't wait til our little girls can have playdates, and all of us can take little shopping trips together. But that's way down the road yet... :-)

My mom gave me a few things she and my dad bought for the baby... they got her a cute little plush doll with brown hair-- she has little bangs and ponytails tied with little pink ribbons. My mom said my dad picked it out... I KNOW it reminded him of me, because when I was little I had dark brown hair, with straight little bangs and wore ponytails alot. He's all sentimental now that his little girl is having a little girl... it cracks me up. Gotta love him.

Also, they got me a photo album for the baby... it's pink with little ribbons and says "Little Princess" on it. It's adorable... and I'm sure I can never have too many photo albums when this little one arrives!

Yeah, she's getting spoiled already... :-)

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